ex-Levitate add kber; form Magic School Bus

So does this make rdb Ms. Frizzle?

Edward "kber" Vaudry has announced that he will be joining Nicholas "hate" Young and the rest of his chess club to form Magic School bus for ESEA Premier Season 37.

kber averaged an impressive 1.30 rating in five maps with Rise in ESEA Premier Season 36, but was replaced by Richie "sherps" Sherpa following what he described as "unresolvable disagreements with the team". 

Magic School Bus are:

  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young
  • United States Sam "Noxio" Goodwin
  • United States David "Delta9" Shafer
  • United States Christopher "Swahn" Swahn
  • Canada Edward "kber" Vaudry
  • United States Ryan "rdb" Brunetti (Trial Coach)

Magic School Bus will open their ESEA Premier Season 37 campaign with a best-of-three series against Mythic on May 4th at 9PM EDT.

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