Party Astronauts have added viz to complete their roster

Party Astronauts ready for liftoff with viz

The former Triumph member will make his first appearance for Party Astronauts in the cs_summit 8 qualifier this weekend.

Wesley "viz" Harris has joined Party Astronauts, completing the roster of the ex-High Coast squad after he announced he was no longer a part of Triumph earlier this week.

Party Astronauts had limited time to rebuild their roster given the small timeframe between the end of ESEA Premier Season 36 and the start of Season 37, with roster locks and registration deadlines already passing earlier this week. Still, the team were able to pick up key pieces to replace their trio of departing players - Brandon "bew" Roberts, Ian "motm" Hardy, and Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo - by adding Gage "Infinite" Green, Jonathan "djay" Dallal, and now viz.

viz averaged a 0.98 rating in his four months as a part of Triumph, with his strongest showing coming in Premier Season 36, where he averaged a 1.09 rating. The 19-year-old completes the team's roster as they prepare for the start of Season 37, but will make his first appearance for the team in the first cs_summit 8 open qualifier, slated to kick off on May 1st at 3 PM EDT.

When asked about the decision to add viz, Party Astronauts' coach Joseph "Muenster" Lima said the following:

While doing tryouts, viz stood out to us immediately. Not only does he fit into the entry role perfectly, but his in-game comms are really good. On top of his high mechanical ability and communication skills, he also brings a really good energy to the team which I believe is an extremely useful trait especially for someone playing the entry role. So far all the personalities on the team are meshing really well and I'm looking forward to what we can accomplish with Wesley in our lineup.

With viz's addition, Party Astronauts are:

  • United States Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue
  • United States Ben "ben1337" Smith
  • Canada Jonathan "djay" Dallal
  • United States Gage "Infinite" Green
  • United States Wesley "viz" Harris
  • United States Joseph "Muenster" Lima (Coach)

Aside from their upcoming cs_summit 8 qualifier appearance, Party Astronauts have no games scheduled until the third week of Premier Season 37, when they will take on ex-Levitate on May 18th at 9 PM EDT.

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