The future remains uncertain for PwnAlone, who is open to offers in both CS:GO and VALORANT

ex-High Coast reform as Party Astronauts

It's party time for djay and Infinite as well.

After being released by High Coast yesterday, the short offseason has forced their former squad to rebuild quickly, as Brandon "bew" Roberts and Rodrigo "RCF" Figueiredo are still under contract with Yeah and have now left the unsigned roster. The remaining core will revive the Party Astronauts branding and have added Jonathan "djay" Dallal and Gage "Infinite" Green to the mix.

With that being said, though Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue remains an integral part of the Party Astronauts core, he will continue to explore his options as a free agent in both CS:GO and VALORANT while playing with the team.

Infinite has floated between FPS titles and teams, playing most recently as a stand-in for Recon 5 in their ESEA Season 36 match against Secret Club, as well as a few rounds in their Season 36 match against RBG. Before that he dabbled in VALORANT with NRG, briefly played with Rugratz CS:GO, and was a part of the Ze Pug Godz roster that narrowly missed the playoffs in DreamHack Open Summer 2020.

djay is a much more familiar face to the core of PwnAlone and Ben "ben1337" Smith, having been one of the original signees when High Coast first picked up the ex-New England Whalers roster in December of last year and their longtime teammate on Whalers prior to the switch. He hasn't registered an official match on HLTV since leaving High Coast, but coach Joseph "Muenster" Lima is hopeful that his previous tenure with his teammates will allow him to seamlessly reacclimate to the team.

The decision to add djay was pretty easy since we already had a lot of experience playing with him from the Whalers and early High Coast days and we know he is one of, if not, the most talented clutch players at our level.

Adding Infinite was a no-brainer as well. He has a ton of high level experience, is friends with Ben (so the the team chem[istry] will be good right off the bat), and on top of all that he has incredible mechanics.

Party Astronauts will be:

  • United States Josh "PwnAlone" Pigue
  • United States Ben "ben1337" Smith
  • Canada Jonathan "djay" Dallal
  • United States Gage "Infinite" Green
  • United States Joseph "Muenster" Lima (Coach)

Party Astronauts will have until they schedule their first match of ESEA Premier Season 37 to find their entry fragger.

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April 28, 2021 11:24PM
High Coast
pretty strong lineup on paper so far, just gotta find our fifth then do some damage in the server :D
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April 28, 2021 11:28PM
happy to see infinite playing csgo!
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April 29, 2021 12:55AM
Looks like a good team a bit concerning they don't have a 5th and pwn is taking in offers.
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April 29, 2021 03:31PM
Let’s go lads get hype for the best na team!
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April 30, 2021 02:09PM
insane lineup. Muenster should play though :P
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