Update: Levitate release lineup; team set to trial rdb as coach

Unlike many organizations that lost their team in the off-season, ex-Levitate seem to be sticking together.

Levitate have released their lineup ahead of the start of ESEA Premier Season 37. Despite this, the lineup has committed to sticking together and have added Ryan "rdb" Brunetti on trial to be the team's coach next season.

Levitate's owner, Avery Duncan, told Dust2.us that the organization decided to part ways with the lineup to explore "other opportunities" and that there is no bad blood between the organization and their former lineup. 

Sam "Noxio" Goodwin said that Levitate made the decision based on the team failing to make playoffs during ESEA Premier Season 36. Levitate's performance during Season 36 was in fact far from making playoffs as the team were nearly relegated following a dismal 2-7 regular season. After being sent down to Relegation, Levitate survived after a perilious run through the bracket that saw them narrowly beat Recon 5 Black, lose to Big Chillin, and overcome ImPerium.

As the team looks to improve from last season, they have brought on rdb to coach the team on trial. rdb is a relatively new coach in the scene, with his most high profile gig to date being coaching Counter Nature during ESEA Advanced Season 35.

ex-Levitate are:

  • United States Nicholas "hate" Young
  • United States Sam "Noxio" Goodwin
  • United States David "Delta9" Shafer
  • United States Christopher "Swahn" Swahn
  • United States Ryan "rdb" Brunetti (Trial Coach)

ex-Levitate await the start of ESEA Premier Season 37 on May 1st.

Update: Per a tweet by Andrew "Ghostii" Kehler, he left Levitate on April 26th. We apologize for the omission.

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