Beating G2 would be the cherry on top for Complexity

What to expect from Complexity v. G2

Complexity will head into battle against the Top 3 team.

Complexity are likely on top of the world after being the first NA team to lock in a playoffs spot at ESL Pro League Season 18. As such, their upcoming match against G2 would be an amazing cherry on top of their run should they win and secure them a spot in the quarterfinals, no matter how unlikely it is. However, with Nikola "NiKo" Kovač playing like the number one player of the year at the moment, and with a fantastic team to back him up, Complexity would need to bring out a whole new level to even force a third map— something that is admittedly unlikely on paper.

Staring up at goliath

Complexity are going to have a very rough road ahead of them on the way to a potential win against G2. With a trio of top 20 players on G2, Complexity would need to see inspired performances from all of fraggers for what is essentially the entire series. Likewise, with a weaker map pool and less top 30 wins, on paper Complexity are heading into this match as a massive underdog.

  • EliGE has had a great run at EPL

  • hallzerk will need to bring out a historic performance to outplay m0NESY

  • JT is being outfragged by HooXi which is less than ideal

Staring down at David

With NiKo, Ilya "m0NESY" Osipov, and Nemanja "huNter-" Kovač all playing out of their minds, the win condition for G2 is to simply hold on its course.

  • m0NESY is putting on an MVP-level performance

  • G2 doesn't have any weak maps right now outside of their permaban

  • Against a team like COL, HooXi isn't much of a liability

Previous Matchups

Complexity last played G2 in a best-of-one match at the Paris Major. The matchup saw G2 take a 16-9 win on Inferno.

Likely Vetoes

As always, these vetoes come with the caveat that they are highly speculative as they depend on whether G2, as the higher ranked team, chooses to pick first or ban last. Additionally, there is a world in which G2 experiments with their veto knowing they are guaranteed to move through, therefore wanting to try maps they infrequently play in a LAN setting.

  • Complexity bans Mirage (Least played map)

  • G2 bans Overpass (Permaban)

  • Complexity picks Anubis (100% Winrate)

  • G2 picks Ancient (75% Winrate)

  • Nuke as Possible Decider (Neutral map)

Complexity will take on G2 tomorrow at 10:00AM.

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