Lynn Vision again?

What to expect from Liquid v. Lynn Vision rematch

Liquid just loves playing rematches I suppose.

Following their second loss of the tournament to, Liquid have been rewarded by having to play Lynn Vision for the second time in a lower bracket, real déjà vu huh? Now we can big this up and say that this is a real scary time for Liquid as they are one loss away from elimination, but in reality, considering they handed out big meaty slaps to Lynn Vision in their last battle, Liquid would really really need to choke for this to not be a quick 2-0 win.

Just Frag Out

When Liquid last played Lynn Vision, they absolutely demolished them with all five players able to just click heads and such. With that in mind, Liquid just need to shake off the funk from playing VP and they should be fine.

  • Hope for another oSee and Rainwaker show

  • NAF should cut loose in this match

  • Neutralize Starry as he massively overperformed last time

Please Don't Embarrass Us Like 9INE

The only cause for concern here is that Lynn Vision managed to squeak by 9INE, showing they do have some mustard when it counts. This is especially true for Lizhi "Starry" Ye who, quite frankly, has had to do so much heavy lifting for his team at EPL. With that in mind, him playing really well again is the only win condition for Lynn Vision.

  • Starry show

  • EmiliaQAQ has to do better than a 0.84 event rating

  • Not playing scared is the only way forward

Previous Matchups

Yes three days ago in fact. It didn't go great for Lynn Vision.

Likely Vetoes

We can very likely expect the vetoes to be the same as when Liquid last played Lynn Vision. The only opportunity for intrigue is perhaps the decider won't be Inferno, but don't count on it as Liquid likely have Lynn Vision stumped for ideas of where else to take this veto.

  • Lynn Vision bans Ancient

  • Liquid bans Nuke

  • Lynn Vision picks Anubis

  • Liquid picks Ancient

  • Inferno could be the decider

Liquid will take on Lynn Vision bright and early at 06:30AM tomorrow.

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