FaZe came just two rounds away from the EPL run being cut short

RobbaN on Complexity: "They took the game to us, they didn't sit around and wait"

After FaZe survived a very competitive game from Complexity, their coach, RobbaN, had good things to say about the burgeoning North American squad.

FaZe, the current number one ranked team in the world, almost went out in the Round of 12 at ESL Pro League yesterday at the hands of Complexity, the second-lowest ranked team in the playoffs. An incredible start from Complexity but them at a one map advantage, and they narrowly lost the second map 16-14 before finally running out of steam and succumbing to the international superteam. The game was certainly much more of a fight for FaZe than they had anticipated, so after the game, their coach, Robert "RobbaN" Dahlström, talked about the match.

You survive a scare here in the opening match of the playoffs. Of course, you avoid elimination, still in potential contention to take the Intel Grand Slam. Is it a sigh of relief after coming away from that series with a win?

To be honest, they played really really good today. I feel like our Overpass, we were kind of tired. We had a pretty slow start, the teamplay and communication were not on point on Overpass, but I feel like we really woke up and started to play really good CS. Shoutout to them, they played really well.

They really did impress everyone today as well, was there anything in particular that surprised you the most about the Complexity that showed up to the server today?

The Five-SeveNs, I guess, haha. They shot really really hard, they went for it, they took the game to us, they didn't sit around and wait. They played really good.

In terms of your own communication with the team as well, [Chad "SPUNJ" Burchill] was bringing up during the match, particularly during the first map of Overpass, it seemed like you were interjecting more with the team. Was that more of a morale boost or was that something to do with game strategy specifically?

I don't know. On Overpass I felt like we were completely off. We had very slow start and nothing really worked. We tried a lot of different things but in the end, we were not there. But we were there for the last two maps.

You managed to withstand the pressure indeed, it's something we often say about FaZe, you guys really show up when the pressure is on you guys the most. Was there a particular moment in that Inferno, considering at one point you were two rounds away from elimination, that brought you guys on?

We also won both pistols on inferno, it was really tight. I think we lost an anti-eco, but we stayed strong, mentally, on Inferno. There were some weird rounds when we went onto A, Grim had a really insane round there and highlighted us a few times. Honestly, they played really good, that's it.

They were definitely a surprise coming into this series indeed. Obviously, Cloud9 coming up next for you guys, potentially a chance for you to get revenge for that loss at IEM Dallas which stopped you guys from getting that other notch on the Intel Grand Slam. How are you approaching them as a team?

Cloud9 is a team we practice against a lot, we know how they play, and they know how we play. We just have to go out there and play our game. They play very slow and very strict, so we know what to do.

With Complexity's loss to FaZe, they are out of ESL Pro League Season 16, leaving Liquid as the last bastion of hope for North America. Liquid face MOUZ at 09:30AM on Thursday in the quarterfinals, while FaZe take on Cloud9 later that day at 01:00PM

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