Grim proved to everyone why he is one of NA's hottest prospects

Grim on hallzerk: "he's the most American European"

Prior to his impressive performance, Michael "Grim" Wince gave some of his thoughts on his form, playing FaZe and his newest teammate.

Going into the match between Complexity and FaZe yesterday, you would have been hard pressed to find a single person who would bet on the North American side. Throughout the group stages, Grim had shown some impeccable form in Complexity's surprising run to the playoffs. While they would ultimately fall short, Grim and Complexity pushed the world number one to their limit, with Grim posting a 1.37 rating across the three-map series. Prior to the game, Grim shared some perspective on his team and the match with Freya "Freya" Spiers.

You've been looking really stellar in terms of that individual performances, how have you unlocked that personally?

I have been putting in a lot of DM work for my aim and I think that we have really got a foundation going on in the team and it is a lot more comfortable for me now that we have gotten more comfortable with hallzerk. It's a lot easier to play around and we all got individually better as a team so when your team is playing better I think it is easier to play. I have to give props to my teammates. JT sets me up a lot and with all the work he has done for the team so yeah, I have just been grinding and putting in as much work as I can.

We were chatting before this interview and you said you were feeling pretty confident against FaZe who are obviously one of the favorites coming into the tournament. You were saying as well that you've done a lot of prep work. What exactly have you been focussing on for this game.

We are just checking to see if they have any tendencies and stuff like that. For me personally I am looking out for my areas like if I play halls on Inferno, I'm checking out to see what Ropz is doing and what other people are doing but I think as a team we prepared really hard and we have a good gameplan going into it. I think if we can bring the same intensity that we had against ENCE and Astralis we can take it and I hope that we can.

You mentioned the teamplay aspect and I wanted to bring up the name that you mentioned, hallzerk. The gameplay that he has been deploying for the team has looked really stellar. I wanted to ask about the morale and mentality of the team, what has he brought that has reignited the fire of Complexity?

Everyone says it, he's the most American European that we could get. It's really nice sitting next to him actually because I have had some problems in the past with my mental needs but sitting next to him he's always laughing and he's always making me laugh so we're always having a good time over there on the left side of the desk. It's really nice having him on the team and he's really good with his comms. He's a funny guy to be around and he really helps us a lot and personally for me, it has been awesome having him on the team.

With Complexity now eliminated from contention, all eyes will now be on the upcoming Americas RMR in Sweden, which is set to commence on October 4th.

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September 28, 2022 01:14PM
Mulletman + grim reaper + goat + funspark mvp + South African pride = best NACS team
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September 28, 2022 04:05PM
Based take
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