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NAF: "The Eternal Fire game just lit a lot of fire in us"

The veteran Canadian spoke about the team's loss to Eternal Fire and how they bounced back to qualify for playoffs.

Keith "NAF" Markovic and his band of merry men in Team Liquid came back after a tough loss to Eternal Fire to defeat group leaders Cloud9 and qualify for the playoff stage for the eighth time in a row. In a post-match interview, the star rifler spoke with Heccu to discuss their defeat, the impressiveness of YEKINDAR, and what needed to change within the team for them to succeed.

Yesterday you lost to Eternal Fire and today you win against Cloud9. How does that work?

After the Eternal Fire game, we had a really big team talk about how things were going inside the team and how we were playing. We just believed that we needed a big change and we just needed to talk about a lot of things. I think that the Eternal Fire game just lit a lot of fire in us. We were really disappointed that we lost to Eternal Fire. We had to rethink things, talk about things, you know, people staying up late talking about a bunch of things and I think it worked out well here, especially with YEKINDAR popping off with something like 40 frags at the end of the game.

His performance was absolutely insane. The thing is, usually I would see you somewhere in the lobby after the game, but after the Eternal Fire loss I did not see you anywhere. How much time did you spend on preparing for this series?

We talked a lot and we had a lot of prep - we needed to go over everything. Everything was just missing in our minds, our teamplay just wasn't there, and we needed to sit down and look each other in the eyes and say "We are not doing well, we need to do something about this". Especially with nitr0, daps, and YEKINDAR they put a lot of time into watching demos and talking about what we need to do. Shoutout to YEKINDAR, I think he has a lot of great mid-gaming and all that. I think it helped that he had an insane mid-gaming and insane fragging - everything just went his way.

Is there something that you want to say to the fans watching right now and so happy for you making it through?

Shoutout to everyone that is watching, thanks for supporting, especially all the North American fans. Any NAFFers in the twitch chat?

Liquid are set to face off against fnatic tomorrow at 09:30AM

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