The community speaks: "How do we fix NA?"

Thought leaders in the region came together to discuss a growing concern.

Wednesday morning, Davenport University coach Colin “koi” Thor posted a tweet, expressing thoughts toward an ongoing problem inside our region as we are in the thick of another Major cycle, “how do we fix NA?”

Many individuals inside the community clamored to the post for an opportunity to give feedback on how they think the scene can be repaired. When running through the responses, here were the consensus opinions:

Give us more

A favored opinion in the thread included the idea of introducing more for the player to strive for, such as more events, opportunities, and leagues:

It’s all mental

Other individuals stick to the age-old argument that nothing foundationally is wrong with the region and that the players are the ones to point the fingers at. Specifically, their mental:

Jumping off the back of the mental prospects, ESL Product Manager Jackson “el_jack0” Wolf went even deeper on the topic, suggesting that a greater system of player content would help by nature:

How about nothing?

DETONATE owner Levoski Brown disagrees with any shifts, stating that the scene is on the right road to recovery:

As it stands, it is tough to gauge what the magic recipe is to fix the domestic scene. However, there is no doubt NA CS has a large community with its health in its best interests.

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