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First teams headed to Americas RMR decided

With the first qualification matches already completed in the North Americas RMR, we will see some new faces fight to get to the Major.

The first of three qualifiers is still underway, but the qualification matches are not. Complexity and Gamin Gladiators have successfully made their way through the gauntlet and have ended up as the first representatives to qualify from North America to the Americas RMR.

Qualification for Complexity was easy regardless of their opponent. En route to a flawless stomp throughout the event, Complexity never allowed their opponent more than six rounds as they defeated Victorum, ONET4P, and Strife. Michael "Grim" Wince led the way in the playoff rounds with a 1.62 HLTV rating and an 86.4% KAST.

Gaimin Gladiators had a bit more of a challenge on their way to the RMR as they survived an early day one scare against Red Wolves where they ended up victorious 16-13. A comfortable victory over Vendetta 16-5 led David "cynic" Polster and company to face off against Brazen, who had won a back-and-forth match against Kari. In a similar manner to Complexity's 2-0 stomp over Strife, Gaimin Gladiators put their foot on the gas and did not pull up as they swiftly dealt with their opponent.

Complexity and Gaimin now must get their passports in order as they will be flying off to the Americas RMR, wherever that may be, starting October 4th through October 9th. In the meantime, the two will face off tonight at 06:00PM in a best-of-one seeding match. As for Complexity, they will now be heading off to BLAST Premier Groups in Copenhagen with their first match to be against a Oleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev-less Natus Vincere on August 20th.

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