CS:GO community raised $70 million for orgs, teams, and players in past 12 months

The future could not look brighter for the CS:GO pro ecosystem.

In today's update blog post, Valve released a staggering figure, over $70 million dollars raised for professional CS:GO organizations, teams, and players. These proceeds come from Major stickers, such as team and signature stickers, and purchases such as the Major pass and other capsules.

The massive sum of money available to organizations and pro players is a positive sign for the NA scene in particular, which has struggled in recent years to attract organizations and players to return after their mass exodus in 2020. For organizations, the prospects of having your logo generate millions of dollars in-game is a tantalizing prospect, especially for some of the massive organizations that used to call North America home.

Along with the monetary angle, Valve also said that CS:GO has reached a milestone of 20 million unique players per month, while viewership for Majors is at an all-time high. Outside of Majors, CS:GO continues to break records. The recent IEM Cologne final between FaZe and NAVI broke the viewership record for a non-Major stream. Hopefully these announcements signal an upturn for CS:GO in North America and the worldwide scene as a whole.

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