Second day of IEM Road to Rio completed; Complexity and Gaimin Gladiators qualify

Eight teams will be brawling it out for the first two spots up for grabs at the Americas RMR!

10:00PM - Complexity stamp out Strife; Gaimin qualify at the expense of Brazen

The first map of Complexity versus Strife has finished, seeing Complexity obliterate Strife on Inferno with a 16-5 scoreline, thanks to strong performances from Johnny "JT" Theodosiou and Håkon "hallzerk" Fjærli. Meanwhile, after some early stumbles on Brazen's pick of Dust2, Gaimin Gladiators steal their opponent's map pick with a 16-8 victory.

Complexity didn't wait to finish their meal, replicating the first map's scoreline and securing the 2-0 victory on Overpass. Gaimin Gladiators, not to be outdone, also replicated their first map score, defeating Brazen 16-8 on Ancient.

With that, Complexity and Gaimin Gladiators are the first two qualifiers for the NA RMR. They will play a seeding match the next day, but for more qualifications, we must wait for the next Open Qualifier! Thanks for tuning in!

Tune into our watch party below!

07:45PM - Quarterfinals conclude; semifinals begin soon

After two arduous matches, Strife and Brazen have overcome their respective opponents of Detonate and Kari. With that, our semifinal games have now been drawn, with Strife set to face the daunting opponents of Complexity while Brazen will brawl with Gaimin Gladiators

United States Strife 16-11 United States Detonate
United States Brazen 16-13 United States Kari

07:15PM - First quarterfinals start to get wrapped up

The first results of the day are coming, with no major upsets so far as Complexity knocks out ONET4P and Gaimin Gladiators move past Vendetta. Meanwhile, Detonate and Strife are neck-a-neck, while Brazen and Kari are similarly deadlocked.

The scores for the completed quarterfinals are:

Complexity 16-4 United States ONET4P
United States Gaimin Gladiators 16-5 United States Vendetta

06:45PM - Games are finally underway!

After around thirty minutes of delay, the quarterfinal matches have finally kicked off. Currently, Complexity and Brazen are both faring well against their opponents of ONET4P and Kari, with 6-1 and 4-1 scorelines respectively. Gaimin Gladiators is having a bit more trouble against their opponent Vendetta, currently only up 5-3. Detonate and Strife's quarterfinal match has yet to begin despite the delays.

06:00PM - Quarterfinal matches set to start

After a very exciting (and very very long) day of Counter-Strike yesterday, we return with the second day of the first North American open qualifier for the Americas RMR. We've gone from 111 teams to eight, and by the end of the day we will have our first two squads joining Liquid, FURIA, and Imperial at the Americas RMR in October.

The quarterfinal matches you can look forward to watching are:

Complexity vs United States ONET4P - Match
United States Detonate vs United States Strife - Match

United States Brazen vs United States Kari - Match
United States Gaimin Gladiators vs United States Vendetta - Match

In addition to this live blog, you can follow along with all the action on our livestream here:

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