dead revealed plans for a relocation and a new league in South America

A North America exodus in the books for Brazilian teams

The relocation of South American teams back to their countries comes at the expense of quality in NA’s scrimmages, but not everything is bad for the scene.

In an interview for Dust2 Brasil, Ricardo “dead” Sinigaglia talked about 00Nation's relocation, the creation of a new South American league, as well as his time and role with the new team, and the coach bug.

During the conversation with Roque Marques, dead explained that 00Nation will be moving their Americas headquarters back to Brazil. They will only be playing a few qualifiers in Mexico, such as the BLAST Showdown qualifier. The Norweigan organization, owned by Nordavind, has four bases of operations, two previously mentioned in Brazil and Mexico, and two in Europe, Oslo being their home and Portugal the mission control of the CS:GO department. The move to Brazil has already occurred, with the team already having played the South American RMR open qualifier from there. According to the 00Nation general manager, the fight for a spot in the Major “tends to be a little harder than there (North America)” but he also said that the transfer needed to happen sooner rather than later in order to strengthen the ties with the fans.

Later on in the interview, dead told Dust2 Brasil that paiN, oNe, Imperial, and probably MIBR have the desire to play most of the qualifiers in Brazil, despite those teams not moving their base of operations to South America permanently.

The legendary manager also revealed plans for a new league based in South America. One of the main goals of the competition is to connect teams and fans that have not been in touch that much due to the time spent away from their countries to play tournaments abroad.

What does all of this mean for North America? Firstly, the departure of certain teams from NA, even if not permanently, will result in a decrease in the number of quality professional teams on the North American servers, which can be detrimental to the quality of scrimmages. But then comes the good part. With most BR teams playing qualifiers in SA, NA teams will have more chances to qualify for bigger events, just like Party Astronauts, now turned EG.PA, did in the ESL Challenger Melbourne 2022 North American Qualifier. The hope is that teams like the former Party Astronauts get the chance to play against some of the best teams in the world and improve their game.

This is not the solution to make NA great again, obviously, but it will reflect in more NA representation and not from the usual suspects like Liquid, EG, and Complexity. Here’s hoping that the young NA talent will be motivated by the relocation of the Brazilian teams.

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