droid wins yet another Fragadelphia event

timbermen cut down the opposition at FRAG Fullerton 2

timbermen stormed through the Fragadelphia's final LAN before Fragadelphia 17.

The second Fullerton of Fragadelphia 17 ends the same as the last, with Damian "droid" Boulware and Adam "nbgee12" Zanzoul winning it all. The duo might have won this event with a different squad but they retained their dominance over the Californian city.

timbermen found themselves going up against No Namers with Egos in the semi-finals, a team that notably has Andrew "Ghostii" Kehler, who played for DETONATE for the second half of last year. The former Luxe core was able to cut down their opponents with relative ease, taking the first map of Nuke 16-10.

After a rather straightforward first map, something quite spectacular happened. Derek "dare" Brown, who ended Nuke at the bottom of the scoreboard, would go on to drop 33 kills in the second map. This would end up making him the highest-rated player in the series and a massive reason why timbermen were able to progress to the final with such ease.

With a final setup against Hustler's University, the two favorites to make it through to Fragadelphia 17 from this event were now going head to head to win it all. Strife youngster, Ethan "reck" Serrano, would be the one to try to stand in the way of dare and company. But unfortunately for him, Inferno was a display of dominant Counter-Strike from timbermen, with the team winning 16-11 as reck's 1.30 rating could do nothing to keep his side in the game.

The second map was a completely different story. Hustler's University put up a fight as Davenport University IGL, John "arcade" Rogel, found a finer form and helped his mix push timbermen to three overtimes. Unfortunately for them, it was not enough, as the long-fought battle of Vertigo was for naught with timbermen taking the win 25-23. The hero for timbermen was once again dare who, with 73 kills in the final of Fragadelphia 17 Fullerton 2, was a huge reason that timbermen was able to win the event and will now be attending Fragadelphia 17 this September.

2 - 0
Hustler's University
All maps
timbermen K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Derek 'dare' Brown 73 - 46 +27 101.1 79.5% 1.52
United States Shane 'shane' Dressler 63 - 43 +20 88.7 83.6% 1.37
United States Damian 'droid' Boulware 48 - 40 +8 70.8 78.1% 1.15
United States Wyatt 'snav' Phillippi 48 - 41 +7 76.5 76.7% 1.14
Adam 'nbgee12' Zanzoul 50 - 54 -4 74.7 68.5% 0.97
Hustler's University K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Ethan 'reck' Serrano 58 - 49 +9 82.3 64.4% 1.16
United States John 'arcade' Rogel 50 - 62 -12 83.0 54.8% 0.97
United States Rylan 'FE4R' Flynn 47 - 56 -9 75.2 65.8% 0.96
United States Andrew 'VulcaN' Dominguez 35 - 54 -19 53.1 58.9% 0.72
United States Kyle 'awake' Fanella 33 - 62 -29 49.5 58.9% 0.61

The final top four standings of the second Fragadelphia 17 event in Fullerton are:

1. United States timbermen - 8,000 Fragadelphia Points
2. United States Hustlers University - 4,000 Fragadelphia Points
3-4. United States He's dinked lol jk - 2,000 Fragadelphia Points
3-4. United States No Namers with Egos - 2,000 Fragadelphia Points

With the circuit now over, the last chance qualifier for Fragadelphia 17 is commencing on September 8th. For teams that are interested in signing up, they can do so here.

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