droid powers another team to victory

LGG Snakes Den win first Fragadelphia in Fullerton

LGG Snakes Den repeat their performance from Fragadelphia Denver to win another of the NSG tour events.

The sixth LAN event in the Fragadelphia 17 circuit has finished, with Damian "droid" Boulware's LGG Snakes Den coming out on top after a close, but easily handled grand final against Andrew "sloopy" Church and his friends in "Aiming is Difficult".

LGG Snakes Den faced Stanley's Harem in the semifinals having qualified out of their group with a perfect record. The Snakes easily overpowered their opponents on the first map of Nuke 16-9 before closing it out on their map pick of Overpass, 16-8. Stanley's Harem were sent to the third place decider match against Stuck in Iceland who also suffered defeat against Aiming is Difficult.

Aiming is Difficult started their series against Stuck in Icleand on Dust2 where the latter fell in a back and forth match, 16-11. With the game now headed to Aiming is Difficult's map pick of Inferno, it looked like it could be wrapped up quickly — which it was. A quick, short 16-4 victory to Aiming is Difficult and they were on to the grand final.

With the grand final pitting LGG Snakes Den against Aiming is Difficult, it looked like the series would go the distance. With Brandon "Sharkie" Ly leading the team across all maps, Aiming is Difficult never had a chance. The series started on Aiming is Difficult's map pick of Ancient, where Snakes were able to get a solid lead on their CT half, finishing the first 15 rounds 9-6.

With the Snakes now forced onto the T-side, it could be more daunting for the team to hold onto their lead. However, they were able to win the pistol, giving them a comforting 12-6 lead before closing it out 16-14. Moving onto the Snakes' map pick of Overpass, it was looking hard for Aiming is Difficult to mount a comeback. Things did not get easier for the Aimers especially after they only won seven rounds on their CT-side, paving way for the Snakes to close out the map, and series, 16-10.

LGG Snakes Den
2 - 0
Aiming is Difficult
All maps
LGG Snakes Den K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Brandon 'Sharkie' Ly 52 - 35 +17 95.9 76.8% 1.40
United States Damian 'droid' Boulware 46 - 31 +15 92.3 75.0% 1.32
Adam 'nbgee12' Zanzoul 46 - 33 +13 76.8 78.6% 1.23
United States Kevin 'consti' Yi 39 - 32 +7 79.3 80.4% 1.23
United States Andrew 'VulcaN' Dominguez 40 - 34 +6 75.8 67.9% 1.09
Aiming is Difficult K - D +/- ADR KAST Rating 2.0
United States Daniel 'Tweaky' Lee 38 - 44 -6 79.0 64.3% 1.00
Canada Stanley 'calamity' Chiu 34 - 49 -15 73.6 64.3% 0.87
United States Andrew 'Sloopy' Church 36 - 45 -9 68.0 62.5% 0.78
United States Joseph 'Saiyan' Natividad 28 - 44 -16 64.4 51.8% 0.72
United States Victor 'djswang' Zheng 28 - 41 -13 65.5 48.2% 0.72

The final top 8 standings of the first Fragadelphia 17 event in Fullerton are:

1. United States LGG Snakes Den (droid, VulcaN, consti, sharkie, nbgee12) — $1,250 and 4,000 FRAG Points
2. United States Aiming is Difficult (sloopy, djswang, tweakkyy, calamity, Saiyan) — $750 and 2,000 FRAG Points
3. United States Stanley's Harem (PandaTM, Stanley, jakobie, aegis, gavo) — $500 and 1,000 FRAG Points
4. United States Stuck in Iceland (based, YSL, lect, munikbo, alula) — 1,000 FRAG Points
5-8. United States Hole Smokers (spot, JoSoo, Peefy, oreosss, Dante) — 500 FRAG Points
5-8. United States Last Minute (Jal, ochocinco, Banss, Godrod15, buklau) — 500 FRAG Points
5-8. United States FATHER FORGIVE ME (tylerIRL, Critzby, moonlight, VINEGAR_STROKIN, abis_ps) — 500 FRAG Points
5-8. United States Gone Fishin' (jermanji, cook, awake, rozo, FE4R) — 500 FRAG Points

The next event in the Fragadelphia 17 circuit is coming soon, with Fragadelphia 17 Philadelphia slated to start on July 16th. Teams interested in the Philadelphia, PA event can sign up for that here.

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