First day of IEM Rio NA RMR open qualifier matches underway, the games tighten!

Two teams will be one step closer to Rio de Janeiro when the day comes to a close!

10:15PM - Fourth round underway, now it gets serious!

Matches are starting to heat up. Now we have some of the best in NA facing each other for spots in the Major, these are the current matches!

Complexity 16-3 Victorum
ONET4P 16-13 Northern Forces
Brazen 19-16 Limitless
TeamOne 10-16 Kari
Gaimin Gladiators 16-13 Red Wolves
Strife 16-5 MagicLight
BHOP 14-16 Detonate

The matches have concluded, thanks for following this thread! Matches will continue tomorrow for the round of eight!

09:25PM - Third rounds begin, no big upsets yet

As our final second-round matches come to a close, the only upset recorded is Team Mythic falling to Legendary. As teams face stiffer competitions though, we might just see some underdogs steal away victories.

Complexity 16-6 Thuggy Bunnies
ONET4P 16-7 X13
Gaimin Gladiators 16-5 Team Esoteric
Victorum 16-3 Mythic Reporn
BHOP 16-1 Elisir Esports
Strife 16-3 notfedex

08:10PM - Second round underway

After some riveting first-round matches, the next stage of NA Open Qualifiers begins now. With the best teams taking a bye in the previous round, this is the first chance we get to see them on the server.

Complexity 16-0 Untitiled
ONET4P 16-4 Happy Mouse
BHOP 16-2 Poof Gang
TeamOne 16-0 Supremacy Gaming
Team Mythic 12-16 Legendary
Mythic Reporn 16-12 Knoxies Kingdom 2.0
CLG Red 16-2 Title IX Esports

07:45PM - First matches begin!

After over an hour and a half of delays, the first matches of the open qualifier have begun. The favorites have a bye for this first round, so you won't see many of the names you'll recognize quite yet, but we'll update you with the most interesting matches right here.

INFINITY 16-4 BieberLovers-USA
Jason's Heroes 1-16 X13
United States Golden State Warriors 9-16 United States knowndardoers
United States Esoteric 16-3 United States Davenport University D3

06:05PM - Bracket is released

With 111 teams checked in, the bracket has finally been drawn. Almost all the favorites have received a bye for their opening match. Those interested can view the bracket here.

06:00PM - Teams await the drawing of the bracket

The player break has officially come to a close, as Counter-Strike action now returns with the all-important open qualifiers for the IEM Rio RMR. 217 squads have signed up for the first of three North American qualifiers, with each team vying for a shot at joining FURIA, Imperial, and Liquid at the LAN event in October.

With matches set to start soon, will be providing both a live blog and a livestream, where we will keep you up to date on the progress of favorite squads such as Complexity, while also keeping our eye out for upsets and other notable results along the way. Those interested in seeing a list of all participating teams can do so here.

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