Victorum lose one

After missing out on Relegation, Victorum will need to for search for a new AWPer for Season 42.

Following their failed bid to secure a spot in ESL Challenger League Season 41 Relegation, Victorum's AWPer, James "JAM" H. has announced his departure from the team. JAM joined Victorum on May 19th as a long-term replacement for Cameron "legacy" Parkhurst.

With JAM on their books, Max "SolGoat" Wallace and co. managed to make a deep run in ESEA Advanced Season 41 playoffs, finishing just shy of Relegation after being felled by Detonate in the fifth-place decider match. During ESEA Advanced playoffs, JAM was Victorum's second-highest rated player, posting a 0.97 rating over eight maps.

Regarding his decision to leave Victorum, JAM told

I left Victorum because the practice was ran a little differently than I would've liked. I liked everyone personally, but the way we played was constantly changing because we could never agree on a style or set a foundation. I mainly really joined because I heard good things about Sway and pengnax, and was hoping that I could join a core that had been together and just add some of my ECL experience on top, but it felt like there was nothing and with some people being busy with work it was pretty rough.

I think the ceiling was hit too, they have a pretty solid floor, but I felt like the upside wasn't there for me to stay, and that I could be utilized elsewhere.

With JAM leaving the project, Victorum are now:

  • United States Max "SolGoat" Wallace

  • United States Isaac "Izik" Zeigler

  • United States Dacoda "pengnax" St. Louis

  • United States Austin "Sway" Pollock

Multiple members of Victorum have told that there will be a discussion on the team's future and whether they stick together moving forward. If Victorum decide to stick together, they will need to find a new AWPer before Season 42 starts in August.

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