Philadelphia Liberty ring in new roster

The organization are set to compete in ESEA Advanced Season 41 with a new quintet.

After their previous roster disbanded following a turbulent end to their run through ECL Season 40 Relegation, Philadelphia Liberty have rebounded with the signing of a new roster built around the old New Threat core of John "Fatality" Owens, Ryan "tactile" Branigan and Trent "Jersey" Winkart. The trio are joined by former Snakes Den member Lucian "Hornet" Hornet and Kameron "K4mr0" Bouma who finds a new home after being benched from Stealth back in March.

The former New Threat alumni kick off this new-look Philadelphia Liberty roster, rebuilding after a disappointing run in ESEA Advanced Season 40. This notably saw the squad fail to make playoffs after a modest 8-6 regular-season record along with lackluster showings in a handful of ESEA Cash Cups. The side also tried their luck at LANs too, participating in Fragadelphia 16 after making their way through the Last Chance qualifier. However, this appearance would be little to write home about with Fatality's men being sent home in 13th-16th place after failing to make it out of groups.

Hornet links up with Philadelphia Liberty after spending the past season with Snakes Den, helping the squad to a solid 10-4 regular-season placement to secure the third-place seed going into playoffs. Unfortunately, that strong performance didn't continue once playoffs got underway, with Snakes Den crashing out in 13th-16th place after tight losses to Kinship and Big Chillin.

Rounding out the roster is K4mr0, who joins the lineup after playing just nine maps with Stealth in ESEA Advanced last season before being benched. During his time on the sidelines, the 24-year-old found himself standing-in briefly for Unjustified during their own playoff campaign.

Philadelphia Liberty now have:

  • John "Fatality" Owens

  • Ryan "tactile" Branigan

  • Trent "Jersey" Winkart

  • Lucian "Hornet" Hornet

  • Kameron "K4mr0" Bouma

Philadelphia Liberty made their debut in the inaugural IEM Dallas 2022 open qualifier, bowing out in the second round of the first day after a heartbreaking overtime loss to the newly-revamped ONET4P. They now eagerly await the start of ESEA Advanced Season 41 which is slated to begin on April 25th.

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