UYU drop hyza; add omniscient

hyza's debut season in ECL will have to be put on hold for the time being.

With just one week until the next ESEA season is set to begin, UYU have opted to remove Joey "hyza" Cornelius from the starting lineup in lieu of Kevin "omniscient" Ma. This news comes despite the squad's recent successes, which saw the team secure a spot in ESL Challenger League Season 41 after battling through ECL Season 40 Relegation.

hyza had been with Matthew "tatm" Munro and company throughout the entirety of ESEA Advanced Season 40, joining the lineup while it competed under the MunroPeek moniker before being signed by UYU in late February. As previously mentioned, hyza helped UYU secure a spot in ECL Season 41 during his two-month tenure with the squad whilst averaging a 0.92 rating across 20 maps.

Filling hyza's spot on the roster is Kevin "omniscient" Ma who joins UYU's books after spending the past two seasons in ECL with Eros. This notably saw the squad fall flat with an 11th-12th place finish before faltering in ECL Season 40 Relegation, ironically being sent down to the lower bracket by tatm's men in the first round. Whilst on Eros' ranks, omniscient posted a 0.99 rating over 57 maps, being his team's highest-rated player in the process.

When contacted by, hyza explained that the reason for his removal from the team was due to a difference in the way the two parties wished to play. This was also coupled with a lack of comfort with the team's system which affected hyza's performance.

tatm echoed hyza's comments, stating that hyza and the squad didn't see eye to eye and, as such, the roster subsequently decided to go in a different direction. The IGL also stated that hyza was offered a substitute position on the roster but the 23-year-old ultimately declined.

UYU now have:

  • Matthew "tatm" Munro

  • Alvin "Alvin" Bui

  • Kamron "kmrn" Manii

  • Andrew "Drew" Warkentin

  • Kevin "omniscient" Ma

UYU now have just over a week to settle in their new recruit, with the next season of ECL officially kicking off on April 26th.

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