Pol0 will be sticking together with Elk and consti for ECL

Former ONET4P trio unite for ECL Season 41

The squad has had a rough start in their debut showing.

Blake "Elk" Swinson has announced the formation of a team with ex-ONET4P teammates Marco "Pol0" Hernandez and Kevin "consti" Yi. The trio have rounded out their new squad with the additions of former Levitate player Connor "Jermaine" Buckles, and former Philadelphia Liberty player Andrew "Tender" Cote. The team are slated to play in Season 41 of ECL, and are on the hunt for both a coach and organizational support.

There was little to write home about for Elk, consti, and Pol0 in their last season on ONET4P. The squad didn't perform poorly by any means, but they were unable to make great strides. The trio finished with a respectable 4-3 regular-season record in ECL Season 40, taking out big names like ATK and Carpe Diem along the way. In the end, the team still narrowly missed out on playoffs due to their loss to Orgless earlier in the season, seeing Damian "daps" Steele's squad reach playoffs over ONET4P. Additional results for the trio include several semifinal finishes in ESEA Cash Cups and a 7th-8th place finish in the Mythic Winter Series Cup 2.

Jermaine links up with ex-ONET4P after a messy Season 40. Jermaine spent much of the previous season competing with Levitate in Advanced, a team he opted to leave after teammate Austin "try" Cox departed from the squad. A little over a week later, Jermaine found a new home on Unjustified, replacing Andrew "Sloopy" Church on that lineup. In a surprising turn of events, Sloopy was brought back to Unjustified eight days later, seeing Jermaine without a team for the remainder of Season 40.

Meanwhile, Tender finds himself joining ex-ONET4P after a tragic end to his ESEA Advanced Season 40 campaign with Philadelphia Liberty. After reaching the Advanced playoffs as the 15th seed after a 9-5 regular season, Tender and co. went on a tear, taking down Omega, Magic School Bus, and Kinship to set up an upper-bracket final against Mythic. The stream team trounced Philadelphia Liberty, sending them to the lower bracket where Unjustified narrowly edged out the squad, shipping them off to relegation.

In relegation, the team regained their good form from the beginning of the playoffs, beating out Peter "stanislaw" Jarguz's BHOP to put themselves one series win from ECL. After a rough loss to Bad News Bears, Philadelphia Liberty squared off against Unjustified once again, but this time with coach Trong "piepiepoppin" Nghia Dao in place of Wayne "castro" Einarsson. Philadelphia Liberty lost the match, resulting in a variety of accusations leveled against casto for no-showing the match. The team was given another chance at ECL with a fifth-place decider match against UYU, but still utilizing their coach, the team was unable to clear the final hurdle, leading to the organization parting ways with the team.

Due to retaining the core trio of ONET4P from Season 40 of ECL, this new squad will retain that ECL spot. This will see Tender and Jermaine make their return to the ECL/Premier level, last having participated in the league in seasons 39 and 38 respectively. ex-ONET4P have already debuted as a unit, getting knocked out in the third round of the second IEM Dallas Open Qualifier at the hands of UYU.

ex-ONET4P are:

  • United States Blake "Elk" Swinson

  • United States Kevin "consti" Yi

  • United States Marco "Pol0" Hernandez

  • United States Connor "Jermaine" Buckles

  • United States Andrew "Tender" Cote

ex-ONET4P will be hoping to bounce back from their early IEM Dallas Open Qualifier exit, with the squad preparing for the start of ECL Season 41 on April 26th.

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