While he is off the main team, keiz has been retained to spearhead oNe's academy team

oNe bench keiz; former star player poised for return

With keiz out of the lineup, Maluk3 and trk seem set to reunite with an old teammate.

oNe have benched Ruann "keiz" Rotondano from their lineup after three months with the team. While his replacement is yet to be formally announced, former oNe star Victor "iDk" Torraca recently joined the team's ESEA roster and is also currently playing with them in the second IEM Dallas 2022 open qualifier.

keiz joined the team at the start of the year as part of a general overhaul following the acquisition of Mario "malbsMd" Samayoa by 00 Nation and re-signing of Alecnar "trk" Rossato. While he was previously an AWPer while playing for DETONA, keiz was more of a hybrid player on oNe due to Pedro "Maluk3" Campos wielding the big green gun.

Despite a 3rd-4th place finish at Fragadelphia 16 early in the team's tenure, oNe have overall had a poor start to the year. The team failed to qualify for ESL Challenger Season 40 playoffs and more recently bombed out of the PGL Antwerp Major Americas RMR with a 1-3 record. As such, this move is likely an attempt to shake things up amidst stiffer competition from oNe's Brazilian rivals in North America — GODSENT, MIBR, and paiN.

To that end, the team seem poised to bring back iDk, who cut his teeth on oNe from 2016 to 2019. In the three years since his replacement on oNe, iDk has played for many of Brazil's top domestic sides, including Imperial, Yeah, and Paquetá.

More recently, he played with benched oNe player Matheus "prt" Scuvero on FreeStyle, a largely unsuccessful mixteam that also featured former oNe player Cássio "cass1n" Santos. With that project largely wound down, iDK seems set to reunite with Maluk3 and trk.

In their announcement of keiz's benching, oNe announced that he will be the first piece of an under construction academy team.

For the moment, oNe are now:

  • Pedro "Maluk3" Campos

  • Matheus "pedaselo" Panisset

  • Enzo "xns" Almeida

  • Alencar "trk" Rossato

  • Matheus "prt" Scuvero (Inactive)

  • Ruann "keiz" Rotondano (Inactive)

  • Vitor "eleito" Estíval (Coach)

  • Julio "jun" Junior (Assistant Coach)

iDK and oNe made it to day two of the second IEM Dallas open qualifier. They will face off against the new Third Impact roster in their opening match tomorrow at 06:00PM.

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