pesadelo and company have their sights firmly set on a first place finish

pesadelo: "The most important thing for us is to win this tournament"

The Brazilians are here to play at Fragadelphia 16.

Team oNe duo Matheus "pesadelo" Panisset and Pedro "Maluk3" Campos got together with' Ryan Friend to talk about Fragadelphia, their experience in the NA scene, and reuniting with Alencar "trk" Rossato. The Brazilians have already secured their spot in the semifinals after taking down Bad News Bears 2-0.

This interview has been edited for clarity.

Hey everyone, this is Ryan Friend with and I am here with two members of Team oNe right after their two nil victory over ATK. I've got maluk3 and I've got pesadelo with me and we're gonna talk a little bit about their time at Frag and we're gonna talk more about Team oNe in general and all their time in NA. So congratulations guys on the victory today. You're one of the better teams here at Frag. How has the competition been? How have you guys been doing?

Maluk3 - I'm so happy to be here. Once again. The tournament has been good. Good PCs. Good Atmosphere. Good teams. And that's it.

Pesadelo - Yeah, the same as Maluk3. It's my first time here so it's gonna be a good experience. The atmosphere is perfect if everything is fine. And that's it also.

So you guys obviously have gone and had some changes, trk is back after his time with MIBR and 00 Nation. With him coming back, how has that changed the team at all, if any?

Pesadelo - We played with trk three years ago and he moved to MIBR. He played with fer and TACO and FalleN and got a lot of experience and now I think he's a more solid guy, you know, a solid player. And he brings a lot of experience for us and that's the most important thing for us, I guess.

Maluk3 - I played with him. So many years. I know him a lot. It's like he didn't leave our team at all, I know where he likes to play and I'm so happy to be playing with him once again. He's a great player. He's a great person. He's a great friend. And that's it.

Team oNe has been in North America for so long. Do you guys consider yourself part of the North American scene?

Maluk3 - Yeah, of course. Of course.

Pesadelo - Of course.

Ryan Friend - So with that, North America has had some troubles recently, players have left. Do you feel that being part of the North American scene, but also part of the Brazilian scene, that you can help more players from Brazil, enter into this region?

Pesadelo - Yeah, I think Team oNe is the first team to come to NA to play, from Brazil and after this move to the NA scene, a lot of teams come to NA as well like paiN, FURIA and GODSENT. And other teams are coming, I guess. And I think we are exactly what you say, I forgot the word, a part of the NA scene and the Brazil scene as well.

Now Maluk3, you have been part of Team oNe for so many years. You've never really had a lot of opportunities to maybe even leave. Do you think that Team oNe is a place that you could finish your career?

Maluk3 - I think so. I think so. I had opportunities to leave years ago, but I I stayed. And I think it's a great decision for me. I'm happy to be here with my teammates, my friends, my boss. I love my boss because of the opportunity that he gave to me, and I appreciate that.

So you guys are now primed to potentially go into playoffs. What is the expectation for this event?

Maluk3 - We need to win one more game to qualify for playoffs. We are here to play and win this tournament, of course respecting all the opponents. But I know our potential. We know we can bring the trophy to our home.

Pesadelo - The same as Maluk3. But I think the most important thing for us is to win this tournament because we are using this tournament like a preparation for RMR. So we are gonna be 100% confident after winning this tournament. So that's it. I think, for me actually, personally.

Well obrigado you guys, I appreciate you interviewing with me. Thank you so much. And this is Ryan Friend from Make sure that you check out all of our live coverage from Fragadelphia this weekend because we might have some more interviews with Team oNe if they continue to win. See you guys.

Team oNe are currently battling it out for a spot in the semifinals versus Bad News Bears. You can follow' live coverage of the event here.

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