chelo & MIBR dominated in today's games

Favorites find success on day one of SA RMR Open Qualifier 2

FreeStyle is a notable name that fell short in today's bracket.

Things went relatively smoothly for the favored teams to start the second South American Open Qualifier. MIBR wasted no time advancing to the next round, dominating The Union 16-1 on Ancient to start the round-of-32 affairs. Every player on the MIBR side had a good game, but Marcelo "chelo" Cespedes was the force driving the team with a server-best 22-11 K/D over the 17 rounds played. The team came into yesterday’s bracket as favorites to qualify but fell at 9z in the round-of-32. With a thinned herd of teams, MIBR looks even more prepared to get it done on day two.

ELES, led by the Teles twins Lucas "LUCAS1" Teles and Henrique "HEN1" Teles, got off to a great start to begin their second attempt at the American RMR. The team blew through First Memory on Inferno 16-3 to put them into the round-of-16. The lineup will be put to the test against an Isurus team that took 00Nation to their absolute limit, winning the first map and the final nine rounds of regulation to force overtime. Isurus was unable to close it out in overtime, but their performance over a favored domestic rival presents how tough the team can play their opposition. Isurus carried that energy into today’s game, grinding out B4 on Inferno after a 5-10 deficit to win 16-14. When sizing the two teams, this sticks out as a potential match of the day for tomorrow’s games.

Sharks entered today with a chip on their shoulder following an upsetting defeat yesterday against Case. The two teams exchanged rounds back and forth, but unfortunately, Sharks were unable to pull through against a surging Case lineup that eventually finished the second day undefeated. Sharks took no time getting to their winning ways today against Los Grandes, closing the first half of Dust2 8-7 before running away with it 16-9. The day two favorites are paired up against Black Dragons, who are riding the high of a 16-0 dumping of their opposition in the previous round. Sharks will look to quell that momentum quickly to ensure a spot at a best-of-three opportunity to make it to the American RMR.

Day two kicks off today at 02:00PM with action from the round-of-16, with the winners of those best-of-ones duking it out in best-of-three competition for the final four seats at the Americas RMR that begins April 11th. After the final four teams are crowned, they will play in semifinals and third-place matches to determine official seeding.

The round-of-16 looks as follows:

MIBR vs Made in Ukraine

Boca Juniors vs AWADEUWU

Redragon vs Eqole

ELES vs Isurus

SG vs IoloNaMente

Sao Caetano vs Stars Horizon

Sharks vs Black Dragons

Ea Dupla vs Leviatan

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