Final matches of Fragadelphia 16 Day 2 come to a close

The stage is set for Day 3, game on!

11:10PM All games wrap up, groups set for Saturday

The second day of Fragadelphia 16 was exciting, with many exhilarating games and trash-talk flung across the stage. After all was said and done, the top two teams from each of the four groups moved on to play in the third stage where they’ll meet eight predetermined teams in contest for playoff slots and part of the event’s $60,000 prize pool.

Team oNe made easy work of the American teams in Group A, finishing both best of three series dropping only twenty-three rounds total. While Prison Break could not best the Brazilians, they were able to defeat Monkey Business twice, securing their place in the next day’s activities.

  • Team oNe 2-0 Planet Express

  • Prison Break 2-1 Monkey Business

  • Team oNe 2-0 Prison Break

  • Planet Express 0-2 Prison Break

  • Monkey Business 0-2 Prison Break

Group B featured one of the most exciting matchups of the day with Apeks Legends taking on Apeks Rebels, who hail from Norway. While their American counterparts were unable to defeat their namesake, they did come away victorious against the other two teams in their group, Kinship and GAS, cementing their spot in the next stage. While the Legends had their work cut out for them, Apeks Rebels didn’t break a sweat, not allowing their opponents over six rounds on any of the four maps they played.

  • Apeks Rebels 2-0 Apeks Legends

  • Kinship 2-0 GOON ASS SUCKAS

  • Apeks Rebels 2-0 Kinship

  • Apeks Legends 2-0 GOON ASS SUCKAS

  • Apeks Legends 2-0 Kinship

Group C had another team take two quick 2-0 victories, where Touch Point took down Tribute to Tribute and New Threat. Those two would eventually come to play each other for the other spot in the group, in which Tribute to Tribute came out on top. Old But Gold was unable to win a series, setting up Touch Point and Tribute to Tribute for the third day.

  • Touch Point 2-0 Tribute to Tribute

  • Old But Gold 1-2 New Threat

  • Touch Point 2-0 New Threat

  • Tribute to Tribute 2-0 Old But Gold

  • Tribute to Tribute 2-1 New Threat

The last group, Group D, finally had a change of pace. The eventual victor of the group, Omega, did not sweep through the competition, but rather won grueling three map contests against Stealth and Underground Kings. Both those teams defeated Garfie which set up a clash for the final spot in Stage 3. The last match of the day went all the way but finally fell the way of Stealth who round out the last sixteen teams in Fragadelphia 16.

  • Underground Kings 2-0 Garfie

  • Omega 2-1 Stealth

  • Underground Kings 1-2 Omega

  • Garfie 0-2 Stealth

  • Stealth 2-1 Underground Kings

Each of Stage 3’s groups consists of two teams from Stage 2 and two higher seeded teams. Group A will see InControl Nation play against the Stealth. It will also feature Team oNe taking on the international ATK, currently undefeated in ESL Challenger League. The Brazilians easily cleaved through their American opponents in the earlier stages, but this will be a new test in their Fragadelphia 16 journey.

  • InControl Nation vs Stealth

  • ATK vs Team oNe

Group B also offers interesting storylines with Carpe Diem, recently separated from RBG Esports, playing their opening match versus Tribute to Tribute. The Norwegians of Apeks Rebels will have to prove their mettle against yet another American team, Big Chillin. This will be undoubtedly their toughest matchup thus far. It remains to be seen if Apeks Rebels can continue their staggering 1.43 rating they’ve built up in today’s games.

  • Carpe Diem vs Tribute to Tribute

  • Big Chillin vs Apeks Rebels

Meanwhile, in Group C, Apeks Legends will have to live up to their namesake as they take on Strife, the first ESL Challenger League team in their path. Then, we’ll be treated to Fourth Quarter playing their opening match against Touch Point, undefeated thus far. Touch Point blasted their way through Stage 2, but they’ll be facing a new challenge as they play versus their higher-seeded opponents.

  • Strife vs Apeks Legends

  • Fourth Quarter vs Touch Point

Group D will see the much anticipated Bad News Bears make their Fragadelphia 16 debut against Prison Break, who have much to prove. In addition, Gaimin Gaming will play their first match under their new organization, previously playing under the “Chococheck” tag. They will face off against Team Omega, who topped Group D of the previous stage.

  • Bad News Bears vs Prison Break

  • Gaimin Gladiators vs Omega

09:40PM Stealth and Tribute to Tribute take final two slots for the next day

Stealth first took down Underground Kings in a very anticlimactic Overpass. Stealth secured an honorary 16-0, finishing the game flawlessly after dropping the first pistol and its conversion. The second map took the two teams to lovely Ancient, where Underground Kings had better luck. They cruised to a victory on the back of Dylan "Irish" Frericks' 116.0 ADR. Stealth started slow on Nuke, winning only one round in the first seven, but a flawless CT-side paved the way for their path to the next stage.

  • Stealth 16-2 Underground Kings (Overpass)

  • Stealth 9-16 Underground Kings (Ancient)

  • Stealth 16-8 Underground Kings (Nuke)

Tribute to Tribute defeated New Threat on their own map pick of Inferno, overcoming a disappointing 5 rounds on their T-side. They were spearheaded by Mark "merkn" Telesca who achieved a remarkable 1.91 rating on the CT-side, giving up only two rounds. Vertigo was looking in favor of Tribute to Tribute, quickly racking up eight in a row on their CT-side, unanswered. But, New Threat stuck to it and with a gutsy force-buy call at 9-14, managed to win seven in a row to win in the thirtieth round. Mirage was a back and forth affair, but Tribute to Tribute managed to come out on top, securing their place for the next day where they will face Carpe Diem.

  • Tribute to Tribute 16-12 New Threat (Inferno)

  • Tribute to Tribute 14-16 New Threat (Vertigo)

  • Tribute to Tribute 16-10 New Threat (Mirage)

06:55PM Apeks Legends defeat Kinship for a spot in Day 3

The Legends won a battle of attrition on Mirage, climbing back from a poor start. They were able to take eight of the last ten rounds from Kinship, securing themselves a map advantage coming into Kinship's pick of Overpass. The second map proved to be a CT-sided affair, with Apeks Legends taking a 12-3 lead despite losing the pistol round. Kinship started the second half strong but were unable to climb back from the deficit as Stanley "calamity" Chiu racked up the scoreboard with 31 kills in only 26 rounds.

  • Kinship 14-16 Apeks Legends (Mirage)

  • Kinship 10-16 Apeks Legends (Overpass)

06:45PM Prison Break defeat Monkey Business to make it to Stage 3

Despite a slow 0-7 start, Monkey Business fought back on Nuke, taking the full thirty rounds. Nonetheless, they weren't able to pull off the comeback and Prison Break defeated them 16-14, never losing hold of the lead. Mirage was much more of a decisive affair with Prison Break taking 12 T-side rounds and unrelenting on the CT-side. Adam "nbgee12" Zanzoul, the lone non-American on the server, performed with a 2.01 rating.

  • Monkey Business 14-16 Prison Break (Nuke)

  • Monkey Business 3-16 Prison Break (Mirage)

06:20PM Omega move past Underground Kings in final second set match.

Despite a strong individual showing from Kevin "Shawta" Le on Vertigo to tie the series, Underground Kings managed to waste our time by failing to pull off the comeback and reverse sweep on the decider as they narrowly lose 2-1 to Omega.

  • Omega 16-13 Underground Kings (Inferno)

04:55PM Tribute to Tribute and Touch Point secure 2-0 victories

Old But Gold are eliminated in 21st-24th place after being swept 2-0 at the hands of Tribute to Tribute whilst Touch Point booked their place in the third stage of the event on the back of a comfortable 2-0 win over New Threat.

  • Tribute to Tribute 16-10 Old But Gold (Mirage)

  • Touch Point 16-5 New Threat (Inferno)

04:35PM Team oNe secure third round berth

Team oNe have made their trip to the States worthwhile after besting Prison Break 2-0 to book their spot in the third round of the tournament. The Brazilians will be joining InControl and ATK in Group A.

Team oNe 16-6 Prison Break (Overpass)

04:10PM More 2-0 sweeps in second set of matches

Stealth went against their namesake as they quickly ran over Garfie all guns blazing on Nuke while Apeks Legends needed all thirty rounds to move past GOON ASS SUCKAS in their trip to Inferno.

  • Apeks Legends 16-14 GOON ASS SUCKAS (Inferno)

  • Monkey Business 16-7 Planet Express (Dust2)

  • Stealth 16-6 Garfie (Nuke)

03:55PM Speedruns feature as remaining first maps come to a close

Luis "Mexican" Domínguez Buentello came to play as he spearheads Stealth to victory over Garfie on Mirage with a stellar 2.21 rating whilst Monkey Business didn't mess around as they thrashed Planet Express over on Inferno.

  • Monkey Business 16-3 Planet Express (Inferno)

  • Stealth 16-2 Garfie (Mirage)

  • Team oNe 16-7 Prison Break (Ancient)

  • Touch Point 16-12 New Threat (Ancient)

  • Omega 16-11 Underground Kings (Overpass)

  • Tribute to Tribute 16-8 Old But Gold (Inferno)

03:20PM Apeks Rebels sweep Group B

The Norse invaders brush Kinship aside on Nuke, securing a 2-0 sweep of their group to book their spot in the third stage of the event.

  • Apeks Rebels 16-3 Kinship (Nuke)

02:55PM The first maps of the second set of matches have been completed

Apeks Rebels continue to plow through the American competition as they easily take map one against Kinship. Apeks' American impostors also came out on top versus GOON ASS SUCKAS, taking no prisoners as they marched to victory on Ancient. So far the first maps of the second set of series are:

  • Apeks Rebels 16-6 United States Kinship (Vertigo)

  • Apeks Legends 16-6 United States GOON ASS SUCKAS (Ancient)

02:20PM The last three maps of the opening matches have finally been completed

After the other five teams were considerate enough to wrap their matches up 2-0, we eventually had the other three teams give us the full set of results for the first round of matches. The full results for the third and final maps of the tournament are:

  • United States Monkey Business 11-16 United States LGG Prison Break (Dust 2)

  • United States Old But Gold 14-16 United States New Threat (Dust 2)

  • United States Omega 16-4 United States Stealth (Mirage)

01:25PM Five out of eight teams 2-0 the opposition

Apeks Rebels repping their team colors during their match against Apeks Legends

Steffen "SLY" Amundsen took the adoption of his team's name personally as he channelled his inner Michael Jordan to obliterate Apeks Legends with his 2.00 rating across the series. In oNe's second map Alencar "trk" Rossato shone again as the squad easily closed out the series against Planet Express. The full results for the second maps of the tournament are:

  • Brazil Team oNe 16-6 United States Planet Express (Inferno)

  • Apeks Rebels 16-6 United States Apeks Legends (Inferno)

  • United States Touch Point 16-6 United States Tribute to Tribute (Inferno)

  • United States Underground Kings 16-4 United States Garfie (Ancient)

  • United States Kinship 16-13 United States GOON ASS SUCKAS (Ancient)

  • United States Monkey Business 9-16 United States LGG Prison Break (Mirage)

  • United States Old But Gold 4-16 United States New Threat (Mirage)

  • United States Omega 16-14 United States Stealth (Overpass)

12:40PM First set of maps are closed out

A dominating performance for Team oNe's opening map versus Planet Express with Alencar "trk" Rossato boasting a 1.63 rating as they do the expected and take Mirage. All seven other maps we imagine were incredibly exciting, however we'll have to let the scoreboard tell the story as there were no streams. The full results for the first maps of the tournament are:

  • Brazil Team oNe 16-4 United States Planet Express (Mirage)

  • United States Monkey Business 16-13 United States LGG Prison Break (Nuke)

  • United States Kinship 16-10 United States GOON ASS SUCKAS (Mirage)

  • Apeks Rebels 16-6 United States Apeks Legends (Mirage)

  • United States Touch Point 16-4 United States Tribute to Tribute (Mirage)

  • United States Underground Kings 16-3 United States Garfie (Nuke)

  • United States Omega 6-16 United States Stealth (Inferno)

  • United States Old But Gold 16-9 United States New Threat (Ancient)

11:50AM Fragadelphia 16 Day 2 Goes Live

After the opening day where the 12 of the 16 teams for today were determined, Day 2 we will see those teams meet four invited sides. In a fight for Day 3 Apeks Rebels, the Norwegian team who traveled across the pond for this event made a statement on Day 1, and are one such team to have made it through the LCQ. The team won their opening BO3 by only dropping a single round, before rounding out the day with another comfortable 2-0 win to make it through.

The format for today will be the second of three almost identical stages at the event. As with the LCQ, the 16 teams in this stage will be divided into four separate GSL-style groups, with all matches being played out as best-of-three series. Deviating from the LCQ, only two teams from each group will proceed to the next stage on Day 3 where they will be met by 8 high-seeded teams from the seasonal rankings.

The opening matches for the different groups are:

Group A
Brazil Team oNe vs United States Planet Express
United States LGG Prison Break vs United States Monkey Business

Group B
United States Kinship vs United States GOON ASS SUCKAS
Apeks Rebels vs United States Apeks Legends

Group C
United States Old But Gold vs United States New Threat
United States Touch Point vs United States Cosmic Wolf

Group D
United States UGK Esports vs United States Garfie baby
United States Team Omega vs United States Stealth Esports

The post will be continually updated throughout the day with updates and results of the tournament as teams progress through their groups. The full bracket for the first main group stage can be followed here.

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