Fragadelphia 16 Last Chance Qualifier roundup

The groups for stage one of the main event are now set.

The Fragadelphia 16 Last Change Qualifier has come to a close, seeing twelve squads move forward to the first group stage of the main event. These twelve qualified teams, in addition to four invited sides including oNe and Kinship, will be facing off for the eight available spots in the second group stage.

Group A of the Last Chance Qualifier was the least bloodthirsty of the four groups as, despite paying for a spot in the qualifier, the team Last Second was a no-show. This development meant that the three remaining teams in the group, LGG Prison Break, Stealth, and GOON ASS SUCKAS would not be at risk for elimination, and their games would only contribute towards seeding for the next stage.

Stealth squared off against GOON ASS SUCKAS in their debut match, making quick work of the SUCKAS in a brief 2-0 affair, which set Stealth up to play against LGG Prison Break in the group's winners' match. LGG Prison Break handily took care of Stealth, allowing them to top the group with only one series played. Stealth and the GOON ASS SUCKAS faced off yet again in the decider matchup, but this time Stealth was not able to move past the GOONs so easily, with the series taking all three maps before Stealth narrowly edged out their opponents.

Norwegian visitors Apeks Rebels made a statement with their Group B opening matchup, absolutely ravaging their opponents Mr. Steal Your Win, with the latter squad only acquiring a single round across the two maps played in the series. Meanwhile, Spencer "Pugg" Moore's Monkey Business took down New Threat with little difficulty, setting them up to face the fearsome Apeks Rebels.

In the winners' match, Apeks Rebels set aside Monkey Business with relative ease, with Monkey Business unable to reach double digits on either map played in the series. Group B's elimination match went a similar direction to the winners' match, as New Threat had no issues in sending Mr. Steal Your Win packing after two quick maps.

The rematch between Monkey Business and New Threat was a far more exciting series than their first encounter in the group, as this one went the distance. New Threat snagged the opening map of Ancient 16-13, while Monkey Business secured Inferno 19-17 in overtime. The deciding map of Dust2 took all thirty rounds of regulation before Monkey Business came out on top, earning themselves the second place position in the group.

Group C's opening matches kicked off with Touch Point versus Garfie baby, a series where Touch Point hardly gave their opponents room to breathe, as they booked their tickets for the winners' match after 16-4 and 16-7 map victories. Elsewhere in the group, Apeks Legends locked in their winners' match spot after a 2-0 victory over Phoenix Rising.

The winners' match of this group was a very close affair, with Apeks Legends claiming the first map of Mirage 16-13 before Touch Point pulled off the reverse sweep by securing Inferno and Overpass 16-11 and 16-12, respectively. At the bottom of the group, Garfie baby and Phoenix Rising tussled for their tournament lives, with the former squad avoiding elimination after two close maps.

The stage was now set for Apeks Legends and Garfie baby to duke it out in the decider match, but ultimately this series ended up being a massively one-sided affair, with Apeks Legends snatching second place after trouncing their opponents with two consecutive 16-4 victories.

Group D, the final group of the Last Chance Qualifier, started things off with a dominant victory for Omega over Black Dragon Society, with Omega securing 16-4 and 16-0 map scorelines against their opponents. The other opening match saw Planet Express blast off to the winners' match after a harrowing series versus Cosmic Wolf which went the distance.

Omega dominated Planet Express on the opening map of Mirage 16-5, but the latter squad regained their composure for the second map of the series, stealing away Vertigo 16-14. Unfortunately for Planet Express, Omega returned to their winning ways in the decider map of Mirage, as they claimed that map, locking in Omega's spot as the alphas of Group D. In the group's elimination match, Cosmic Wolf was able to avoid an early end to their tournament run with a quick 2-0 victory over Black Dragon Society.

Cosmic Wolf were determined to not let Planet Express move past them again as the two sides were set to rematch in the group's decider match. Cosmic Wolf's determination paid off, as they came out on top in the rematch after two 16-8 victories, securing themselves second place in the group.

The full results of the Last Chance Qualifier can be found here. The groups for the first group stage of the main event are:

Group A
Brazil Team oNe
United States Planet Express
United States LGG Prison Break
United States Monkey Business

Group B
United States Kinship
United States GA SUCKAS
Apeks Rebels
United States Apeks Legends

Group C
United States Old But Gold
United States New Threat
United States Touch Point
United States Cosmic Wolf

Group D
United States UGK Esports
United States Garfie baby
United States Omega
United States Stealth

These sixteen teams will all be vying for the opportunity to secure one of the eight spots available in the second group stage of the event. The first matches of this stage will kick off today at 10:00AM and can be followed here.

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