ECL player no-shows vital relegation match; accused of gambling on matches

Philadelphia Liberty were forced to field their coach after the player dodged a do-or-die relegation match for ECL.

Last night, Philadelphia Liberty were left hung out to dry as one of their players, Wayne "castro" Einarsson, was unreachable for the entire day and failed to show up for their crucial ESL Challenger League relegation match against Unjustified. The team was forced to use their coach, Trong "piepiepoppin" Nghia Dao in castro's place, leaving them significantly weakened for arguably the most critical match of the season.

In a series of tweets late last night, Jeremy "taiwi" Wang accused castro of being "asleep during the most important relegation match" and even insinuated that the individual was gambling on the game claiming "he probably made a killing betting on our matches". When asked about the gambling accusation, taiwi stated that there is "no proof" and that it was just a suspicion he had of the player. There has been significant controversy within the North American scene with players accused of betting on matches or even fixing matches at the highest levels. While there was a report by the Esports Integrity Commission (ESIC) supposed to be released in early 2021, the agency has not commented publicly on the matter since and it remains a sensitive issue.

In response to the public tweets by taiwi, castro accused the player in a series of deleted tweets of being "lilpeep/emo" in recent relegation matches. castro states that he believed the team was "dead" after taiwi did not call plays past the 8th round in their previous matchup, a loss to Bad News Bears. castro then later showed private messages between himself and Graham "GRAHAM" Smith bemoaning taiwi's emotional state during the matchup. GRAHAM explained those messages were sent to castro in confidence and were not accurate of his faith in the team. He further stated those messages were simply to vent about the match and were not indicative of anything more. reached out to castro for further comment and elaboration on the situation. When asked why castro missed the match, he stated that he "was asleep and could not respond to the messages. [He] fucked up". When questioned further about why he was unreachable for the entire day and previously stated the team was "dead", castro did not respond.

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April 7, 2022 04:17PM
One should question how much he really wants to actually win. Just look at his history. His talent isn't in question but he has played like 4 full seasons since season 23 while playing on multiple teams (sometimes in the same season). Also just will take time away from the game it seems.

Just not someone who seems committed for a team that wants to advance.
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April 10, 2022 03:42AM
left his last ecl team because they werent professional enough clown
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