InControl qualified to Fragadelphia 16 as the number one seed

Andrew: "There are some things that I think we need to work on to make ECL"

Andrew says he needs to work on his in-game decorum as InControl look to reach the next level.

For his fourth interview of Fragadelphia 16,' Jeff "Mnmzzz" Moore sat down with InControl's Andrew "Andrew" Burrell to talk about the team's journey to Fragadelphia 16, the team's prospects for Advanced playoffs, and what needs to be happen for the team to reach the next level, among other topics.

To start, let’s talk about your route to Fragadelphia 16. You were one of the most successful teams that played in the circuit, winning both the Chicago and Philadelphia events. Can you discuss some of the benefits you received as a team from winning those events whether tangible or intangible?

Definitely the LAN experience itself because we can go to a LAN like this with more confidence and expect to do better. We are more on point and more focused.

As the number one seed heading into this event based on the Fragadelphia circuit points, how much travel support InControl receive?

$500 per person for flights and hotels.

For a team and organization of your size, was it important to receive this support? Do you think you would have been able to attend the event without it?

Yeah I think we could have, but it is nicer to have the financial backing for sure.

InControl had a pretty difficult group with ATK and oNe in it. Are you guys happy with your performance at this event or do you think you could have done more?

I’m happy because we got a lot out of it, but also disappointed because I think we could have shown more [in our group].

For Fragadelphia 16, you fielded koi as a temporary coach due to ExToSee being unable to attend. Can you discuss what he has brought to the team in the two months since you added him?

He used to be on this team like four seasons ago so me and arcade know that he is a good player and is really smart. He brings a lot and he helps individual players make decisions better and tells you how to play a spot which is really nice to have.

What about koi? Is there anything he does that is special or does he have any unique quality to his leadership style that made you excited to work with him?

He is very knowledgeable and he is very approachable. He is just a really nice guy.

Let’s talk about your team outside of their Fragadelphia run. Currently InControl have a 7-3 record in Advanced which means you are relatively secure in your chances for claiming a spot in Advanced playoffs. How do you feel about your chances of making ECL this season?

There are some things that I think we need to work on to make ECL. We need to get better at focusing in game, especially online because at LAN we are like a completely different team. Against the same teams on LAN we perform much better. If we were able to focus better it would really come down to that for the most part. We can probably do it, but it will be tough.

I find that interesting because usually when we talk about teams at the Advanced/ECL level where they’re really good online but struggle in a LAN environment. What do you think makes you perform better at LAN?

I think the way we play is very specific and we are very structured. We try to play off each other and we don’t do a lot of solo stuff. When all these players are doing solo stuff online and getting away with it, they get punished for it here because we play solid fundamental CS:GO. Obviously when we play oNe we are going to get punished more, but when we play against similar teams that still try to do that stuff, it works better.

As you prep for Advanced playoffs and for the rest of the Advanced season, what are practice opportunities like for you guys as an Advanced team? Are ECL level teams willing to scrim against your team?

They are willing, but it is not very often. It’s really nice when you get to scrim against them. Sometimes scrimming against Advanced teams is not the greatest practice to put it lightly.

Is that because they don’t take it seriously?

Yeah, pretty much. They can start getting tilted and running it down.

For those who might not know, one of the other big advanced teams at this event is Touch Point who ended up making playoffs and have been performing quite well. Outside of them, what other teams do you think are the strongest in the division that may present a threat in playoffs?

Well obviously Mythic. I haven’t really put too much thought into that, but Brazen is one that comes to mind off the top of my head because they played well last season and they are good in Bo3's. They’re around the same record as us but they are good when it matters.

What would you describe as your biggest hurdle as a team and is preventing you from getting to that next level as you look toward the future?

Probably keeping our calm, being specific I get into the game a lot and if I can tone that down and if we can focus better with communication and stuff like that, just keeping it sharp in game.

Do you think the team has the mechanical skill to stack up against ECL opposition?

Yeah absolutely, 100%.

In the days following the conclusion of Fragadelphia 16, InControl have jumped up to a 9-3 record in ESEA Advanced Season 40. Their penultimate match of the regular season will be against Davenport on March 16th at 10:00PM.

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