madcow thinks Bad News Bears have what it takes to tussle with Fragadelphia's best

madcow: "There are days when things look perfect, and there are days when things look really sloppy"

The Bears will be hoping to secure back-to-back Fragadelphia championships.

In the second interview from day three of Fragadelphia 16, managed to speak with Bad News Bears' coach Nathan "madcow" Retterath. Among the topics discussed were the roster's grueling series versus Prison Break, the additions of Christopher "Swahn" Swahn, Saad "Pluto" Siraj, and Khizar "MoMo" Rehman, and where the team rate themselves amongst the rest of the competition. are covering Fragadelphia 16 live as it happens here, with Bad News Bears currently facing off against Gaimin Gladiators in Group D's winner's match.

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