SLY has been Apeks Rebels' standout player, boasting a 1.46 rating across the tournament

SLY: "We don't really have a hype guy... but we have mithR, he's pretty hype"

The Norwegians have performed well so far in their trip across the pond.

On the third day of Fragadelphia 16,' Ryan Friend managed to catch up with Apeks Rebels' Steffen "SLY" Amundsen. The two spoke about the roster's scare versus Big Chillin, the difference in Counter-Strike between Europe and North America and who Apeks Rebels want to face later on in the tournament.

You can keep up-to-date with our live coverage of Fragadelphia 16 here, where Apeks Rebels are currently squaring off against Carpe Diem in the Group B's winner's match.

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