ESEA announce Rank S LAN details

The qualification process for ESEA's $30,000 Rank S and Rank G LAN has been revealed.

ESEA have released further details about their upcoming Rank S LAN, an event that was first mentioned in November of 2018 before further details were revealed at the start of February as a part of the Rank S and G changes.

Earlier this month, ESEA consolidated Rank S to play out on a single day of the week per region (Fridays for North America) in an effort to regain activity in their league after the rise of FPL. The league also saw an increase in prize pool to $3,000 on offer per week for Rank G and per Friday for Rank S, and allowed for Rank S players to participate in Rank G games throughout the course of the week.

The second part of those changes have now been unveiled, with ESEA announcing the qualification process for the four-team, $30,000 Rank S LAN, set to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada from April 13-14th. A total of sixteen players (ten from North America, six from Europe) will qualify for the LAN through Rank S and Rank G, with four "hand-selected" captains being invited directly to the event to head one of four teams.

To avoid any potential issues among Rank G players who attempt not to qualify for Rank S for an easier shot at the LAN, Rank S players are eligible to qualify by playing in either division. The first place Rank G player from each week, starting from February 24th and running until April 2nd, will earn spots at the LAN, while each player to top the Rank S leaderboard over the next five Fridays will also qualify.

The only caveat mentioned by ESEA is that, due to venue requirements, any player who wants to participate in the LAN must be at least 21 at the time of the event. If a first place player does not turn 21 before April 12th, the qualification spot will be awarded to the next player in the standings who meets the age requirements. 

The five qualification weeks for Rank G are as follows:

  • February 24th - March 2nd
  • March 3rd - March 9th
  • March 10th - March 16th
  • March 17th - March 23rd
  • March 24th - April 2nd

Meanwhile, the five Fridays for Rank S that will award spots at the LAN are:

  • March 1st
  • March 8th
  • March 15th
  • March 22nd
  • March 29th

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Oof, that age requirement is pretty lame.
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21? Man, that’s a shame, gonna keep out some talents.
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