ESEA announce teams and lack of Global Challenge for MDL Season 28

NA MDL has added some international flavor with the additions of Mexicans and South Africans.

ESEA have announced the team lists for the North American, European, and Australian Mountain Dew League divisions.

For North America, the list holds few surprises, as the top four teams from Main, and the winners of Intermediate and Open have all been promoted, mirroring previous seasons.

The full team list for ESEA MDL S28 (in order of S27 placing) is as follows:

  • Canada ex-Atmosphere
  • United States Squirtle Squad
  • United States Gorilla Gang
  • United States ex-BlackOut
  • United States The Entourage
  • United States Mythic
  • United States Normal People and Rustun
  • United States ex-eRa
  • United States F1-racecar-PEEK
  • United States The Pioneers
  • Canada Grizzlys
  • Canada subtLe
  • United States Freedom 35
  • United States CheckSix
  • United States AZIO
  • United States Dignitas (ESL Pro League relegation)
  • TBD (ESL Pro League relegation)
  • TBD (ESL Pro League relegation)
  • Bravado (Main #1)
  • United States Fam143 (Main #2)
  • United States FeelsUnderAgeMan (Main #3/4)
  • United States Vikings (Main #3/4)
  • Prospects (Intermediate #1)
  • Mexico Forty Six and 2 (Open #1)

With the release of the list, both AZIO and CheckSix can breathe sighs of relief, as they escaped demotion despite being in the bottom eight teams of the Season 27 table. As the majority of last seasons FeelsUnderAgeMan contingent is well, under age, it is unknown what the future of that slot will be. Likewise, both Grizzlys and subtLe are severely depleted in terms of players.

The two ESL Pro League Relegation spots will be resolved this upcoming week, at the ESEA MDL Global Challenge in Leicester, UK. They will be filled by some combination of Swole Patrol, eUnited, compLexity, eUnited and ex-Splyce, with the other three fortunate teams heading off to ESL Pro League Season 8.

In an earlier announcement yesterday, ESEA also revealed that there will be no Global Challenge attached to Season 28. However, the prize pool has been bumped up to $37,000. The reasoning ascribed to this was factors such as the FACEIT Major, and August player break.

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May 5, 2018 12:29PM
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May 5, 2018 12:53PM
Wonder where they'll put nick norman's team.
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rip NickyJs team, unlucko
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