JoshRT's Prospects win ESEA Intermediate over ETHEREAL

JoshRT will be hopeful that an IM title will see him make his way back to MDL.

The ESEA Intermediate playoffs have concluded, with Prospects taking the victory over ETHEREAL (16-7 Mirage, 16-8 Train). It is currently unknown whether or not they will be promoted to MDL for Season 28.

The first map started with a strong CT half by Prospects, leading 10-5. They converted it into a strong Terrorist half, and with richie in the lead, Prospects took Mirage 16-7.

The first half of Train was much closer, with ETHEREAL gaining seven T rounds. The second half played out fairly similarly, but this time vberg stepped up big, and with his 29 kills, Prospects closed out the second map 16-8 and the series 2-0.

The possibility of promotion shouldn't worry this squad too much though, as Josh "JoshRT" Lee is no stranger to the upper ESEA divisions, having played MDL for eight seasons, including making the playoffs twice.

Moveups are set to be announced tomorrow, however MDL moveups generally occur closer to the start of the season.

Here is the final standings of ESEA Intermediate Season 27:

1st - Canada Prospects (hero, JoshRT, mahone, richie, vberg) - $2,700
2nd - United States ETHEREAL (Acrim, dEx, fdeN, nutters, rongcho) - $1,800
3-4th - United States myRevenge.NA (kralc, LenX, waterfallez, wippie, zander) - $1,350
3-4th - United States InControl (1ShoukR, mistivZ, Natra-3p, reagan, REDKILLER) - $1,350
5-8th - Canada High Performance (Beef, dv8, molniya, TRGR, vylo) - $450
5-8th - United States xDoubleD (BzK, deGodetox, Ice, Slash, Scooter) - $450
5-8th - United States The Band Geeks (Antwon, DreamN, GarySan, Rebo, zr0) - $450
5-8th - United States rices koreaboos (knarf, plague, rice, riku, oxo) - $450

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Ethereal is dEx not dez and retired is rongcho he's a liar About retiring
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