coldzera was the deciding factor for SK in overtime on Train

SK qualify for EPL S7 Finals while Ghost shock compLexity

Tense matches on the final day of ESL's Pro League have decided which team will make their way to Dallas.

The online portion of Season 7 of ESL's Pro League has come to a close, with a number of last minute matches deciding which teams would claim two coveted spots — one spot to qualify for the LAN Finals in Dallas, and one to decide which team would remain in the league while two others faced relegation.

The final match day saw Splyce claim an early upset against Cloud9 on Inferno, giving them the slimmest of chances to inch their way out of relegation territory if they could grab a 2-0; alas, their efforts proved to be in vain at the end of the day as Tyler "Skadoodle" Latham led the way for Cloud9 to a close second map victory.

The other condition for Splyce to claim #9 was met, seeing compLexity and Ghost splitting their series 1-1. While Splyce were unable to capitalize in their series, Ghost came out on top by taking a win over compLexity and forcing their way out of relegation territory.

Meanwhile, SK saw themselves up 11-4 in their first half of Train against Renegades. The lead quickly slipped by the Brazilians (and Jake "Stewie2k" Yip) as Renegades found 10 rounds in a row, throwing SK's odds of making LAN Finals into jeopardy. A last minute push from SK forced the map into overtime, where Gabriel "FalleN" Toledo and co. came out on top to gain two points.

Four points were what SK needed to assure themselves a playoff spot, and Cache saw SK get off to a similarly dominant start by putting up a 12-3 first half. This time they were able to bring the map to a swift close by securing the final four rounds, clinching themselves a spot in Dallas. 

The prize distribution for the North American division of ESL Pro League Season 7 is as follows:

  1.  Liquid — spot at LAN Finals
  2. United States NRG — spot at LAN Finals
  3. Denmark OpTic — spot at LAN Finals
  4. Australia Renegades — spot at LAN Finals
  5. United States Cloud9 — spot at LAN Finals
  6. Brazil SK — spot at LAN Finals
  7. United States Rogue — $17,000, EPL S8
  8. Brazil Luminosity — $16,000, EPL S8
  9. Canada Ghost — $15,000, EPL S8
  10.  compLexity — $14,000, EPL S7 Relegation
  11. United States Splyce — $13,000, EPL S7 Relegation
  12. United States Dignitas — $12,000, Relegated to ESEA MDL Season 28

And the final standings are:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
  Liquid 22 20 2 +115 60
 United States NRG 22 17 5 +118 50
 Denmark OpTic 22 14 8 +43 41
 United States Cloud9 22 13 9 +25 40
 Australia Renegades 22 13 9 +56 40
 Brazil SK 22 12 10 +28 35
 United States Rogue 22 11 11 -1 33
 Brazil Luminosity 22 9 13 -26 28
 Canada Ghost 22 7 15 -77 22
  compLexity 22 7 15 -57 21
 United States Splyce 22 7 15 -83 20
United States Dignitas 22 2 20 -141 6

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