The SoaR line-up has recently come under speculation as to whether or not they will remain with the organization.

SoaR says farewell to Bibby as their coach

As SoaR rapidly ascends to the professional level, they seek more sage wisdom and experience to fill their coach role.

Confirming what had previously been said on Matthew "mCe" Elmore's stream, SoaR coach Teric "Bibby" Ingram announced via Twitter yesterday that he would no longer be apart of the newly minted EPL team as they head into the new season.

In his TwitLonger he detailed how grateful he was for the chance to coach the team with virtually no prior experience, due to a little bit of faith from Logan "Voltage" Long and Ryan "Snakes" Amann.

He went on to to explain that he understood SoaR's reasoning for replacing him, as the team look to round out their support staff with a more seasoned coach that can help further develop their talent. Despite his inexperience, Bibby's impact on SoaR was instrumental to their winning of MDL last season and advancement into Pro League.

Although nondescript, Bibby eluded to SoaR already having replacements for himself and their empty fifth spot on the active roster.

With the loss of Bibby, SoaR's roster looks like:

  • United States Jack "xCeed" Holiman
  • United States Logan "Voltage" Long
  • United States Michael "Grim" Wince
  • United States Matthew "mCe" Elmore

We can expect a roster announcement in the coming days as ESL Pro League begins on February 13th.

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February 2, 2018 11:13AM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
But he'll always have the flair, at least
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February 2, 2018 11:30AM
InStrumental* :)
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February 2, 2018 04:25PM
Dust2 Birthday cake!
isnt this the guy who lies about playing for invite teams and bumping his own posts on hltv?
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February 2, 2018 08:01PM
lol nope
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February 2, 2018 07:26PM
tacitus is replacing him as coach.

heard it here first.
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