m1cks in search of new opportunities following 00Nation signing of O PLANO

The coach/analyst is primarily on the lookout for a gig in the North American VALORANT scene.

Following the signing of Brazilian squad O PLANO by 00Nation last week, Joshua "m1cks" Micks has announced that he "ultimately made the decision not to join [the team]", and is in search of new opportunities.

m1cks had joined Nordavind — who acquired 00Nation in July — in June as a replacement for Dennis "Rytter" Rytter. It was the American's first official head coaching position, after a slew of analyst and assistant coach roles, as well as a brief stint as trial coach for Spacestation in early 2019.

Despite boasting names such as Daniel "mertz" Mertz, Kevin "HS" Tarn, and Jesper "tenzki" Plougmann, Nordavind largely struggled to find form both before and during m1cks' tenure, and were transfer listed at the beginning of August.

m1cks noted that he would be "mostly looking for offers within NA VALORANT", citing the adverse health impact of "having to work on an EU schedule from NA long term."

He also thanked 00Nation coach and Counter-Strike legend Raphael "cogu" Camargo and 00Nation founder and COO Stein Wilmann for working with him on the possibility of staying onboard with the project.

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