Elk leaves Big Chillin; quits CS:GO

Despite stepping down, he will still attend Fragadelphia 15 with the team.

Blake "Elk" Swinson left Big Chillin's ESEA roster two days ago, and Dust2.us have confirmed with Matt "dvl" Buechel that he has both left the team and "quit the game." Dust2.us can also confirm that, despite the timing, Elk was not the player that the team were seeking an emergency replacement for at the end of August.

The move will definitely be a blow to Big Chillin in the fragging department, as Elk boasted the second-highest rating on the team behind Devin "Xzen" Barber. The pair topped the scoreboard for the team in their only Premier match of Season 38 thus far, a 2-0 loss to newcomers ONET4P.

Though this is their second consecutive season of Premier/MDL, the team have had a rough go of it outside of the league, with their only top four finish coming in Mustache Masters 2020 after a 16-2 drubbing of New England Whalers.

Despite stepping down from the team, he will still be part of the roster for Fragadelphia 15, as well as Mythic man Josiah "JoJo" Jimenez in place of Michael "Munk" Klotz. Beyond the upcoming LAN, Big Chillin do not know who will fill their fifth spot.

With Elk's departure, Big Chillin are:

  • United States Matt "dvl" Buechel 
  • United States Michael "Munk" Klotz
  • United States Devin "Xzen" Barber
  • United States Brendan "Melloh" Mello
  • United States William "Aphotic" DeVoe (Coach)

The team's next match in ESEA Premier is set to take place on September 23rd against Party Astronauts, with both teams currently sitting at 0-1 in Group B.

As of the publication of this article, Dust2.us have not received comment from Elk.

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