HOW IS HE UP CAT win Fragadelphia 15: Oceanside over makuraSOFT

Now all that's left is the main event in Philadelphia next week.

The final Fragadelphia qualifier has concluded, seeing Eric "Ryze" Brown's HOW IS HE UP CAT securing travel support and a ticket to Fragadelphia 15 after besting makuraSOFT in the finals.

The first of the two semifinal series saw HOW IS HE UP CAT make quick work of Solid Unknown with a 2-0 victory on Inferno and Vertigo. Inferno was the closer of the two maps as HOW IS HE UP CAT won their CT-side 9-6 before taking the map 16-12. As for Vertigo, it was a complete blowout for HOW IS HE UP CAT, with the Advanced mixteam dominating their opponent 13-2 on their T-side to pave the way for a 16-5 victory.

On the other side of the bracket, makuraSOFT claimed a 2-0 victory over West Coast Pizza Rats after a close win on Ancient and a decisive victory on Vertigo. Ancient started off with West Coast Pizza Rats in a firm lead as they won their CT-side 10-5. However, makuraSOFT battled back on their CT-side, forcing the series to the 30th round, taking the map 16-14 and avoiding overtime. After a close game on Ancient, Vertigo was surprisingly one-sided for makuraSOFT, as Stanley "calamity" Chiu and co. won their T-side 12-4 before taking the map 16-5.

In the finals, HOW IS HE UP CAT started the series by winning Inferno 16-10 after claiming an 11-4 CT-side. The team continued their dominant streak on Vertigo, as they won their CT-side 11-4 once again, setting up a clear path to win the map 16-8 and by extension the whole event. 

The third place match ended up seeing Solid Unknown best West Coast Pizza Rats 2-1 to claim an extra $250.

The final results for Fragadelphia 15: Oceanside are:

1. United States HOW IS HE UP CAT (Ryze, Just2EZ, xam, Sharkie, awake) - $2,000 travel support + Fragadelphia 15
2. United States makuraSOFT (hiromi, calamity, tweaky, VulcaN, Ridge) - Fragadelphia 15
3. United States Solid Unknown (Strawberry, royalG, aegis, prex, allair) - $250
4. United States West Coast Pizza Rats (sharpshootr, PandaTM, jakobi, bird, Dante)

The full results for Fragadelphia 15: Oceanside are available here. Fragadelphia 15 is set to kick off in a little over a week on September 10th. 

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