Recon 5 part ways with Wilky; team completes rebuild with AAustiN and J0LZ

The Russian Canadians core has been reassembled under Recon 5.

Recon 5 have rounded out their lineup for ESEA Premier Season 38 by bringing on Austin "AAustiN" Urb and David "J0LZ" Jolin while parting ways with Reece "Wilky" Wilkerson.

Dylan "SATURN" Finch told that the team made the decision to part ways with Wilky as he wanted to rebuild the old Russian Canadians core as he believes he has great chemistry with J0LZ and Austin "AAustiN" Urb. Despite this, SATURN said Wilky is a great  player, and he regrets there wasn't enough space for him on the lineup.

This move marks the return of AAustiN to Recon 5 as he has re-committed to the team after two days, initially stepping down due to a busy schedule.

This lineup also marks the return of J0LZ to competition as the player has been on the sidelines for the past four months due to ESIC's investigation into potential matchfixing.

With the investigation coming to a vague and underwhelming conclusion for the moment J0LZ is free to return to competition alongside the trio's former Russian Canadians teammate Alex "vek" Voynov

As such, Recon 5 head into ESEA Premier Season 38 with:

  • United States Dylan "SATURN" Finch
  • United States Keller "SLIGHT" Nilan
  • United States Jeorge "jeorgesnorts" Endicott
  • United States Austin "AAustiN" Urb
  • Canada David "J0LZ" Jolin

Both teams await the start of Season 38 as registration came to a close last night.

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