Things have looked anything but Grim for Triumph so far this MDL season

MDL Recap Week 5 - A Triumphant rise

Bad News Bears is also undefeated and surging upward in the table.

Week five in MDL Season 33 has come to a close with the playoff picture becoming ever clearer. Some quick league news, Under 21 and Bad News Bears are the only teams that still remain undefeated. Additionally, Envy will not participate in Season 33 and have forfeited all of their matches due to their participation in FLASHPOINT Season one.

The biggest storyline this week was undoubtedly Triumph, who played eleven matches and won ten of them to shoot up to the top of the league standings. Their blowout win was a dismantling of New England Whalers, 16-2 on Overpass. They didn't just whale on teams at the bottom of the MDL standings though, they also found quality wins against Mythic and Big Frames. Their only loss came at the hands of Recon 5, who bested them in 30 rounds on Nuke. 

The undefeated teams fared well this week, as Bad News Bears won all three of their matches against In The Lab, Mythic, and eUnited to bring their record to 9-0. Under 21 won all five of their matches, besting Monstars, Station 7, LiViD, Divine, and In The Lab to go to 10-0 as well.

This week's biggest upset was the New England Whalers finding their first win of the season against Big Frames in overtime late Sunday evening. Big Frames currently sit in the top half of the standings, teetering in playoff position. Needless to say that they cannot afford losses like this one if they want to remain in the postseason hunt. The Whalers win leaves Team oNe alone at the bottom of the table as the only team that is still winless in Season 33.

With one week to go before the deadline, the coming week is already packed and is getting more full by the second. So far there are 67 matches scheduled for the coming week, with more that are yet to be added. 

With so many to choose from, here are some notable matches to keep an eye on this week:

Matchup Date Time
 United States Bad News Bears vs. United States Big Frames Mar. 9th 9PM EST
 United States Mythic  vs. United States Swole Identity Mar. 10th 8PM EST
 United States Triumph vs. United States Under 21 Mar. 11th 9PM EST
 United States Mythic vs. United States Bad News Bears Mar. 12th 8PM EST
 United States Triumph vs. United States Chaos Mar. 13th 9PM EST

It is now the home stretch before the regular season deadline on March 16th. Here are the current standings before the chaotic final week unfolds:

Team Matches Wins Losses RD Points
 United States Triumph 14 13 1 +89 39
 United States Mythic 15 11 4 +60 33
 United States Under 21 10 10 0 +89 30
 United States Recon 5 12 10 2 +73 30
 United States Bad News Bears 9 9 0 +91 27
 United States Swole Identity 13 8 5 +58 24
 United States Big Frames 11 7 4 +46 21
 Canada Oceanus 13 7 6 +20 21
 United States Rugratz 10 6 4 +53 18
 United States Chaos 8 6 2 +47 18
 United States Monstars 14 6 8 +15 18
 United States Station 7 12 6 6 -10 18
 United States Swole Patrol (ex-eUnited) 7 5 2 +42 15
 Canada LiViD 12 5 7 +26 15
 United States Divine 12 5 7 -24 15
 United States In The Lab 8 4 4 -5 12
  Infinity 15 4 11 -28 12
 United States Thunder Logic 9 3 6 +12 9
 United States New England Whalers 10 3 7 -16 9
 Brazil Team oNe 4 2 2 +16 6
  Envy 21 1 20 -320 3
 United States New Patrol 21 0 21 -336 0

Up to date standings throughout the week can be found here.

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