IEM Sydney bracket drawn with opening BO1s

Complexity have found their first LAN match on CS2.

The bracket for IEM Sydney, the first large CS2 LAN, has been drawn and announced. With Complexity the only North American team in attendance by virtue of the North American closed qualifier, they will make their CS2 debut in the Aussie tournament.

The North Americans face a tough draw, taking on EPL Semifinalists Monte in their opening matchup. If they manage to defeat the upstart Ukrainian team, they then have to face either Cologne and Katowice winners G2 or hometown heroes Grayhound.

Keep in mind, the opening matches for IEM Sydney are best-of-ones, and with CS2 re-introducing the MR12 format, its entirely likely that we could see more upsets in the beginning stage of the bracket.

With the tournament taking place in Australia, instead of waking up early in the day to watch our favorite teams compete, we here in the Americas get the privilege of staying up until the wee gamer hours to see Complexity play. Their opening matchup against Monte takes place at October 14, 2023 11:45PM.

The opening matchups for IEM Sydney 2023 are

Group A
Vitality vs BetBoom
FaZe vs GamerLegion
NAVI vs Apeks
MOUZ vs Australia VERTEX

Group B
ENCE vs Lynn Vision
fnatic vs Cloud9
Monte vs United States Complexity
G2 vs Australia Grayhound

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