Twistzz is doubtful the game is competition ready

Twistzz says CS2 is not ready for competitive play

The Canadian FaZe superstar sounded off on the new game.

Counter-Strike 2 is the most ambitious update that Valve has released for the Counter-Strike franchise in over a decade. The entire forced migration to CS2 has undoubtedly ruffled some feathers within the community, with many criticizing the game as not being esports ready. Due to the switch, making practice nearly impossible for several teams, and the upcoming Major being held in CS2, teams have entirely abandoned CS:GO.

In a response to ThourCS, Russell "Twistzz" Van Dulken explained that the game was not competition ready as he feels it remains inconsistent, clunky, and unpolished. Twistzz also noted that peeker's advantage is an issue regardless of the ping and smokes remain inconsistent at the moment.

Counter-Strike 2 is already starting to take over events, with IEM Sydney coming up faster than many expect. In an announcement, the organizers revealed that the first opening round matches would take place in a best-of-one format. This has already left fans and pros upset, especially given the potential randomness of BO1s under an MR15 system, now it's shortened to MR12.

However, Twistzz does acknowledge that with IEM Sydney coming up, it will put the game on display to the wider world and is "the fastest way to improve it" so we should all remain optimistic and hope the developers continue improving the game in the short-term.

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