Hallo Valve, where CS2?

Complexity v. Monte delayed by possible CS2 launch

CS2 has brought the CS world to a stand still.

With the Counter-Strike Network going down due to the highly anticipated release of Counter-Strike 2 tonight, ESL Pro League Season 18 has ground to a halt, leaving Complexity versus Monte in a stand still with the Ukrainian side up 1-0 after they won Ancient 16-7.

While many may not expect a LAN tournament to be affected by an online outage, in general even private servers need a connection to the Counter-Strike Network to run properly, leaving ESL in a holding pattern waiting for Valve to make the first move. In light of the potential of the servers being down for the rest of the day, ESL announced that they will wait until 04:00PM before bringing an update on the situation, likely postponing matches if need be.

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