It's been all smiles so far for Complexity, can they keep at it today?

What to expect from Complexity v. Monte

The organization is looking for its best finish in EPL since going back to NA.

Complexity took Group D by storm, defeating 9INE and Cloud9, and almost beating G2 in the group's first place decider. Ultimately, the North Americans ended up second in their group, securing a spot in the round of 16 against the winner of fnatic vs. Monte. If Complexity win today, this will be the team's best finish in ESL Pro League since Season 13, when the roster had a European majority and William "RUSH" Wierzba was the only American player.

Monte had a rough time during the group stage, but pulled through in the Last Chance beating Heroic and MIBR to be able to play in playoffs. The Ukrainians' outing against fnatic wasn't the best, but they managed to outplay Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson and co.

The best Complexity since the team formed

The words are from Michael "⁠Grim⁠" Wince, and, so far, he is right. Complexity look on track to tie their previous best finish from season 13. The group stage showed a much more polished squad, as Jonathan "EliGE" Jablonowski spent more time practicing with the team. Monte are no easy task, but Complexity should be able to best them.

  • floppy is unstoppable and the best-performing American at Pro League

  • hallzerk and Grim look very consistent, need to keep that up

  • EliGE is meshing well with the squad after a rough Cologne

  • JT's leading has been crucial to their victories

The Ukrainian grit

Monte are known for fighting until the very last round of the very last game and they have shown that throughout the whole tournament, so far. After starting the group stage and being immediately relegated to the lower bracket, Monte beat Rooster and were sent to the Last Chance stage by MIBR. There they beat Heroic in an incredible series and then ran over MIBR to secure the playoffs spot. Never count them out.

  • Monte have the momentum from yesterday's big win

  • Unpredictable style can force Complexity on the back foot

  • br0 is struggling, but could come through today

Previous Matchups

These two teams have never faced each other before.

Likely Vetoes

Complexity is the higher seed, so the team chooses whether or not to start the veto. I believe Complexity should let Monte start the veto.

  • Monte ban Inferno

  • Complexity ban Mirage

  • Monte pick Anubis

  • Complexity pick Overpass

  • Nuke will be the decider

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