ESL Challenger Atlanta confirmed for 2024

Oh my lanta!

As part of ESL's omnibus announcement made today, ESL confirmed that ESL Challenger Atlanta is the second NA event on their calendar that they intend to retain into 2024. The decision, when compared to Dallas, is interesting as ESL Challenger Atlanta 2023 is the first event in the city since 2019.

However, considering that ESL Challenger Atlanta is attached to the DreamHack festival run multiple times previously, ESL likely view it as a safe bet when compared to running standalone events as part of their tier-two circuit. The 2024 iteration of ESL Challenger Atlanta is set to run noticeably earlier in the year compared to its 2023 counterpart, running from October 4th - 6th compared to December 15th - 17th.

This move was likely done to avoid a conflict with the second CS2 Major of the year, which is known to be running from December 1st to December 15th.

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