How do I find my CS2 match history?

Finally, a way to look at your game history.

More and more players have now been granted access to the beta version of Counter-Strike 2, and the arrival of the Premier mode has only driven further competition as players hope to fly up the leaderboard. With the global and regional rankings becoming a prize for some players, it's also possible to see your own match history on Steam.

In order to see your own history, you must first be signed into Steam in your browser. Second, click this link which will automatically direct you to your play history in the new Premier mode.

As part of your match history, you can see the score, statistics of all players, the time of the match, nature of the game, waiting time, and even the length.

The newest competitive mode in CS2 is similar to how professional matches are handled as teams can ban maps, use timeouts, and even have overtime. Counter-Strike 2 is expected to be released later this year, despite an initial promise of this summer.

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