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Complexity depart to Malta to start busy travel season

The next five weeks will see Complexity visit three continents and three out of four hemispheres.

Complexity embarked today on their travel day to Malta from Poland for ESL Pro League Season 18, marking the beginning of a busy travel season for the team after spending nearly two months in North America.

Complexity's odyssey began on September 3rd when the team flew to Warsaw for a bootcamp at the Kinguin Esports Performance Center, where they spent the last two weeks getting ready for Pro League. After this, Complexity began their worldwide tour today, flying to Malta for ESL Pro League Season 18, which will run from September 20th up until October 1st at the latest, should they make a deep run into playoffs.

After this, NA's team won't have long to enjoy the scenery as they need to be back in North America by October 4th for the BLAST Fall American Showdown. During this event, Complexity will face off against the likes of Liquid, Evil Geniuses, and FURIA for a lone spot in the BLAST Fall Finals. Should they make a deep run in that bracket they will be occupied until October 8th, after which they need to be in Sydney by October 16th at the absolute latest.

Complexity's stay in the land down under could last until October 22nd, meaning they will need to quickly get back to Europe for the Thunderpick World Championship 2023 on October 27th.

Overall, Complexity will go from Dallas to Warsaw to St. Julian's back to Dallas to Sydney then back to Europe before getting some extended time back in North America. Quite the whirlwind tour for NA's best team over the next five weeks.

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