Is NA just really tired of Counter-Strike?

Less than 11% of all CS2 players come from NA

We should hope everyone is just waiting for the full game release...

Counter-Strike 2 has captured the attention of the whole gaming community in recent weeks as Valve opened up access to more and more players. Streamers, former professionals, and community members have played or streamed CS2. providing their thoughts on the game and how it's all shaping up.

While there are plenty of popular North American content creators playing the game, it does not appear that the regional community is doing the same. In a tweet from popular dataminer "AquaisMissing", he stated that the percentage of CS2 players coming from North America is only 10.81% which is miniscule in comparison to the 71.1% from Europe. In a message with, AquaisMissing said that he was able to gather the information using an API endpoint from the game.

Counter-Strike 2 was originally announced in March and expected to be released this summer, however with the official summer ending in just a few days time, it remains to be seen if Valve will keep their timeline promise.

  • Europe: 71.1%

  • North America: 10.81%

  • South America: 8.34%

  • Asia: 7.84%

  • Australia Australia: 1.56%

  • Africa: 0.35%

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