How to play CS2 on FACEIT

Even fewer requirements than the Limited Test from Valve.

FACEIT just posted that they are now offering Limited Access to Counter-Strike 2, allowing their upper echelon of players to enter the new title on their platform to test the anti-cheat and servers. To be eligible, you must meet two requirements listed below, in addition to the obvious requirement of having CS2 access.

  • Have 1000+ matches played.

  • Be FACEIT Level 9 or 10.

FACEIT will roll out their new CS2 product in three phases, part one, which is this release today, and part two, which will expand access to more players and feature changes to the matchmaking structure and their internal ranking system. The second part will also include FACEIT Season 1, with more details to come, presumably, on what all that entails. No news yet on what part three will entail.

FACEIT has also revealed their new top flight distinction, that the top 1000 players in each region will attain "Challenger" rank. With the rollout of CS2 players who have grinded FACEIT in the past can also expect a soft ELO adjustment. Notably, you will need to connect to FACEIT differently during the test, with the following instructions being from their site post:

Temporarily, connecting to CS2 games on FACEIT will work differently and require you to paste the connect command displayed in your matchroom page into your in-game console. Here’s a quick guide if you’re new to this:

  1. Enable the developer console either by the ingame option or by adding the -console launch option.

  2. Optionally bind the toggle console command to a specific hotkey.

  3. Open the console by pressing this hotkey.

  4. Paste the connect command displayed on the matchroom page into the console and then press enter.

We can expect that the external client's leaderboards and stringent quality requirements will filter out the suspected cheaters and ne'er-do-wells thought to be plaguing the leaderboards of the CS2 Limited Test.

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