The team are likely hoping for another breakout season with their old coach

madcow returns to Rugratz

After coaching ANEW for the past 3 months, madcow has rejoined his old teammates.

After the move was initially teased a week ago, Nathan "madcow" Retterath has left ANEW and linked up with Rugratz as their new coach.

The move reunites madcow with Joshua "Hunter" Madore, Alex "zander" Diaz, and Nathan "leaf" Orf, whom he coached during their successful ESEA Advanced Season 29 campaign as Zone. 

Rugratz had been on the lookout for a new coach since the end of last year, when Jared "MAC-1" Schneider left the team to join Rap Gang.

With the addition of madcow, Rugratz are now:

  • United States Joshua "Hunter" Madore
  • United States Alex "zander" Diaz
  • Canada Erik "penny" Penny
  • United States Nathan "leaf" Orf
  • Canada Marian "tyfoon" Lesnic
  • United States Nathan "madcow" Retterath (Coach)

madcow has already made his coaching debut with the team, helping them to a second-place finish in Mythic Cup 5, where they fell to Just For Fun in the finals.

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